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16 oz. Pro-Grade Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner & Protector Care Kit


$44.00 USD


Fibrenew’s professional-grade Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner and Protector is the ultimate in plastic and vinyl care. It’s designed to be used on car, boat and RV interiors to help keep surfaces looking like new.

Now with UV protection and an oh-so-refreshing ‘clean rain’ scent!

  • Easy to apply with the provided trigger sprayer
  • Non-greasy feel and look after application
  • Step 1: use Fibrenew’s Plastic and Vinyl Cleaner to rid the surface of dirt, oil, and other contaminants. This properly prepares the surface for the next step
  • Step 2: apply Fibrenew’s Plastic & Vinyl Protector to help protect the surface with UV blocking, limits fading, brings out a brighter color, and acts as a protective shield from spills and staining 
  • With ongoing use, the result is a more vibrant-looking and smooth-feeling surface that helps prolong the life of your plastic and vinyl 
  • Recommended repeat use every 4-6 weeks
  • Non-toxic! Child & pet-friendly!
  • Made in North America!
  • Ready to ship to your door! 


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