Premium Microfiber Applicator & Towel Kit


$8.00 USD


Premium, professional-grade applicator and towel kit for Fibrenew's Cleaner and Protector care products.

Premium Applicator: For use with Fibrenew's Cleaners. Soft microfiber fabric exterior with an absorbent sponge inside and is perfect for gently lifting dirt and other contaminants from leather, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. Machine washable for multiple uses. Size: 5 x 5 x 1 inches.

Premium Towel: For use with Fibrenew's Protectors. Soft 70/30 blend (Polyester/Polyamide) edgeless, dual-pile towel works amazing for applying an even application of Fibrenew Protector without scratching the surface. Machine washable for multiple uses. Size 16 x 16 inches