Fibrenew Port Perry
  • Red Leather Couch Armrest

    Leather repair: rips, tears, holes and scratches on home and office furniture.

  • Pet Damage

    Pet Damage Repair On Leather Furniture: cat scratches, dog bites and more.

  • Blue Car Seat Base Repair

    Automotive Interior Repair: car, truck and van seats, dashboards, panels and armrests.

  • Vinyl Window Casing Repair

    Vinyl Window Casing Repair: cracks in vinyl and plastic window casings.

  • Leather Couch Redye

    Leather Furniture Redyes: restoration of worn out and faded couches, chairs and sofas.

  • Vinyl Siding Repair

    Vinyl Siding Repair: holes and cracks from storm damage, golf balls and dish mounts.

  • Medical Exam Tables

    Medical Vinyl Repair: damaged examination tables and tables.

  • Cracked Dashboard Repair

    Vinyl Repair: dashboards, panels and armrests in vehicles, boats and airplanes.

  • Marine Seat Repair

    Marine Seat Repair: holes, cracks and sun damage on boats and personal watercraft.

Fibrenew Port Perry