Leather Repair in Time for the Holidays

Fibrenew restoration leather experts Is it your turn to host the family this coming Holiday Season? If so, you’ve probably got the grocery list sketched out to make your signature meal, cleaned the carpets, and got the sleeping arrangements all figured out. But what about your leather furniture? You know the one your dog got his claws into or the little ones spilled their milk on. No matter how dazzling you get the rest of the house looking with your festive decorations, that couch or chair is still going to stick out. Before you go digging around in the attic for the old throw your grandmother gave you to cover it up, consider another option. Restore it!

leather furniture repair restoration redye fibrenewNow is the perfect time to finally fix those scratches, stains, tears, or holes in your leather furniture. Your newly restored couch is sure to impress your family and friends and complete your perfect host planning.

The holidays can be a financial burden enough as it is. Restoring your existing furniture to look great again instead of replacing it is a much more economically-sound choice. Plus, it’ll save you the hassle of having to shop for expensive new furniture that could take months and months to arrive.

local leather repair fibrenew If you’re curious about leather furniture restoration options, you can send a picture or two of your couch or chair to a local Fibrenew restoration expert for an estimate. Think of the repair as a holiday gift to yourself that will keep on giving throughout the year!

Your couch may only need a good cleaning to look new again. Check out our leather furniture cleaning and repair guide before you head to the store or get started on your cleaning. Either way, we’ll be happy to help. We have leather repair experts throughout the country


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Fibrenew Customer Reviews

5 Stars
“I bought a new set of furniture to replace my damaged set. Then I read about fibrenew on Facebook. I talked to my wife and we decided to try them out. The old set was a cream color almost white and my wife had cleaned it with clorox cleanup. When she put the red throw pillows on the set it turned the set pink on the seat and backrest. We tried everything to get the stain out and that failed. Fibrenew was called and they couldn't get the stain out. They clean the set and repaired a small hole and re colored the three piece set. It looks awesome! Like brand new! The cost was one fifth of my new set. I highly recommend Fibrenew before you spend money on a new set of furniture. My wife is replacing the new set with our old set as I'm texting. Thank you for doing a great job and I'm looking forward to you guys helping me with my boat seats.”
- Michael Banks, Metairie, LA

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