What is a Fibrenew Franchise?

Top-Rated Recession-Resistant Franchise

Since Fibrenew started in 1985, we’ve proven that our business model is recession-resistant and always in demand. Our processes and services can’t be outsourced or replaced by A.I. Over the past nearly 40 years, we’ve helped hundreds of franchise partners create thriving, long-term businesses. Many of our franchise partners have been growing for decades, some even passing down the business to the next generation!

With more than 300 individual locations operating in the US, Canada, and worldwide, we’re focused on the continued development of Fibrenew franchises. We’re always seeking driven entrepreneurs who want to take their future into their own hands and build a business that will stand the test of time.

“Now is a really exciting time to be a part of Fibrenew,” says Jesse Johnstone, President of Fibrenew. “We’re in the right place at the right time, as far as where our brand is positioned. We’re an essential business that continued to grow despite all of the challenges that occurred over the last few years, and unlike many other opportunities, we’re future-proof. We’re excited to grow with people who are ready to take their future into their own hands and be exceptional ambassadors for our brand as we continue to grow in North America and around the world.”

It’s All About Results

There’s a certain sense of excitement when Fibrenew arrives on the scene: we can’t wait to see the looks of amazement on our clients’ faces when they see the incredible results we’re able to achieve. Using Fibrenew’s proprietary methods and products, our clients’ items are restored to their original glory in just a short amount of time. “What we do is a little bit of chemistry and a little bit of magic,” says Matt Woodcock, Franchise Consultant.

We expertly revive leather, vinyl, and plastic items quickly and affordably. Whether it’s a homeowner’s prized leather sofa that’s been shredded by the family pets, the over-used vinyl booths at an iconic diner, or scuffed-up leather seats in a car, plane, or boat, we can make them look brand new again.

“Simply put, our method of restoring items is unlike anything else on the market, and no other brand comes close to the results that we’re able to achieve,” Matt says. “This is why Fibrenew has built up an incredible reputation over the last 35+ years, and it’s why our franchise partners have such a diverse stream of industries to go after. The market for our services is not only constantly in-demand, but it’s also wide open.”

A Mobile-Based Business Model That’s Turnkey & Scalable

Plenty of other businesses claim to have turnkey business models, but in the case of Fibrenew, the only thing needed to get business going is a set of car keys.

We’re mobile-based, which means our franchise partners run everything directly from their vehicles. It’s as simple as driving to the customer’s location, performing the services needed, and then heading over to the next job.

“The question isn’t, how will I get customers? The question is more like, how can I keep up with demand?” says JT Thompson, Fibrenew franchise partner based in Nashville, TN. “From a growth perspective, we’re really only limited by how many vehicles we have on the road. There’s an enormous need for our services, and my business has continued to grow year after year. I know that my business has a long runway of growth ahead of it, and I’m excited to see how big it can get.”

The industry agrees. Fibrenew franchise ranks high on both Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500, the most prestigious list of franchise opportunities, and the list of Top Franchise Opportunities for Less than $100k.

You Don’t Need Experience to Franchise with Fibrenew

While we provide expert results, the truth is that many of our franchise partners had zero experience in restoration before joining FIbrenew. In fact, having no prior experience is preferred!

Our training program is designed to help master every aspect of the business model, including how to:

  • How to perform our services with expertise
  • How to sell our services
  • How to implement our marketing strategies effectively
  • How to build your business the right way

“The only thing that we require is being able to distinguish colors and sharing our drive to succeed,” Jesse says. “We can teach you the rest. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs thrive and grow for over three decades, so the training and support that new franchise partners can expect is very robust and comprehensive. We rarely come across something that we haven’t seen before, and if that happens, there’s a vast network of hundreds of Fibrenew franchise partners who are ready to pitch in and help. When we say our franchisees are not alone in business, we really mean that.”

A Lot of Room for Growth

Our unparalleled results speak for themselves. Since our humble beginnings in 1985, Fibrenew has become a leading brand in the leather, vinyl, and plastic restoration industry.

We currently have hundreds of franchises open in North America and all over the world, but we’re not stopping there.

“In 2018, we set out a company-wide goal to reach 300 franchises by 2022, and we met that goal,” Jesse says. “We’re on track to surpass 500 franchises within the next five years. That’s our next goal. We’re currently operating in 48 states, and our company-wide goal for 2023 is to be operating in all 50 states. We’re looking forward to the headline that reads, ‘Fibrenew now open in all 50 states!’ That will be a cool moment.”

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