Fibrenew Lakeshore Franchise Up for Resale–A Turnkey Setup for Success

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ASKING PRICE: $130,000

Established: 2001
Employees: N/A
Population: 490,011
Vehicle: Vehicle negotiated separately - 2018 Ford F-150
Businesses: 11,221
Reason for Selling: Due to personal injuries and pursuing other career aspirations
# of territories and Franchise Agreements: 1

Business Description

Fibrenew Lakeshore background and description from the owner, Casey Leach:

I always knew I wanted to work with my hands, and that I couldn’t be stuck sitting in an office for eight hours every day. In pursuit of the perfect career, I challenged myself to try different roles. Initially, I considered staying long-term in the world of auto repair–working in a mechanic shop for some 6 years–but I still didn’t find the satisfaction I was looking for.

I then transitioned into what would turn into a five-year career in law enforcement. Being a police officer brought with it the passion and personal rewards that I had been seeking, but I still lacked the freedom and control over my own time and direction that I wanted. And that’s what led me to Fibrenew.

The Lakeshore territory has been a joy to build and run since the day I took over four years ago. I was inspired by other franchisees from the beginning, seeing how committed they were to their businesses, and how much growth they had achieved gave me the confidence I would need to march forward and be successful.

Through all the challenges and achievements of my Fibrenew journey, one thing has always been most apparent: flexibility. I’ve been able to consistently build my business, and earn an excellent living, all while continuing to work in law enforcement part-time and have time for my family and hobbies. 

I’ve decided now to return full-time to law enforcement and see what future my career holds in that regard. But it’s my honor to hand over the reins to another passionate, ambitious individual who wants complete control over their own business and career.

Fibrenew Lakeshore is established, growing, and ready to roll. I’m excited to see how this business and territory continue to evolve in the right hands. I’m certain this will be the greatest purchase and life decision you’ll ever make.

Listed at: $130,000

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What makes this franchise unique: 
Fibrenew has a highly regarded reputation in our industry. With our large footprint across the country, our consistent product innovations throughout the years, to our gleaming reputation online, we are considered the leaders in our category. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Fibrenew #1 in the leather, plastic, and vinyl restoration category and #185 for all franchises – which puts us in the top 15% of all franchises globally.

Fibrenew is a recession-resistant mobile service franchise with 300+ locations today. With a rich history that dates back to 1985, we manufacture a highly specialized proprietary product line and have pioneered the repair techniques and exclusive color-matching technology that our technicians use every day. Our products, techniques, and color-matching technology are what sets us apart and keeps us growing as an organization.


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