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Clive’s Top 5: Why He Loves His Fibrenew Franchise Business

Fibrenew New Zealand Franchise BusinessIf you’re one of the millions of people around the world who plod through each day thinking, “Just get through this one,” then you might be surprised to hear there are people out there who actually like their job.

Meet Clive Coffey – a guy who happens to love and succeed at his job. In 2001 Clive and his wife Claire took over the Fibrenew Canterbury franchise after spotting a random ad in the local paper offering the leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric and upholstery repair and restoration company for sale. Clive investigated further and discovered an opportunity he could not pass up, so he didn’t.

Fibrenew Mobile Service Franchise BusinessFibrenew Canterbury services about 300,000 people in its immediate location and an additional 50,000 scattered in outlining areas. Clive describes his major markets as automotive — “There are a lot of car shows here” — furniture restorations and a sizable chunk of the aircraft industry, given the Canterbury Air Club has about 40 aircraft needing his services.

In 2013 Clive was presented with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take over the role as master Fibrenew Franchisee for New Zealand. He seized it, and it’s a decision he’s never regretted. Without hesitation he names the Fibrenew International team as influential players in his decision. “If they weren’t strong at what they do we wouldn’t have bought Fibrenew New Zealand,” Clive says. “Fibrenew International provides support from everyone. That’s the reason we came to stay.”

Fibrenew Franchise Opportunity

Here are Clive’s top 5 reasons why he loves his job as a Fibrenew franchisee manager and owner.

1) A variety of industries need Fibrenew’s professional attention — and always will.

“I’m not reliant on one industry,” says Clive. “We’ve got furniture, auto, aircraft and marine. Not only that, within those areas we’ve got private work,” he explains, referring to the car enthusiasts restoring autos or the regular furniture restoration jobs from individuals.

Even given the technological advancements and trends toward automation, Clive says, “Machines will take over transportation or even fast food, but this business, I can’t see it.” The leather, plastic an vinyl restoration industry requires a human touch.

2) Fibrenew’s technological advancements allow for an easy-to-operate franchise.

Is running a business at your fingertips really possible? Yes. “With the iPads [provided by Fibrenew] you can really operate your business from anywhere, including in the field where the majority of Fibrenew work is completed,” says Clive. Is the Internet really a friend? Yes. “Google Adwords and our websites have been a big help for us. It’s way more effective than the Yellow Pages. You can track better so you know how it’s going, how it’s doing.”

3) The head office takes an impressive lead on research and development.

Clive says this is a major factor to his success as a franchisee. “I don’t have to worry. I just focus on getting the job done, and I like that. I don’t have to mess around with areas where I’m not familiar.” Your work can only be as good as your supplies, and Clive adds, “The quality of Fibrenew’s products is always improving.”

4) It’s a challenge, but the good kind — the kind that makes you grow as a person.

Owning a business takes a lot — if you’ve never done it before you really have to get your head around the foundation of a successful enterprise. But with the right people behind you, like Fibrenew International, the worrying edges fade and you’re better focused on succeeding and growing your own client base. “It’s not impossible,” Clive says. “It’s just how you’re going to learn to do it, and the only way is with practice.” With Fibrenew’s processes for leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric and upholstery repair and restoration there are really no comparisons when looking at so-called competitors. And the invaluable training sessions provided to new franchisees help create the knowledge base when servicing clients face-to-face.

5) You set your own expectations, your own schedule, and Fibrenew celebrates your success.

One of the reasons Clive ventured into the world of Fibrenew was because he longed to see his kids grow up. Rather than working ridiculous hours and missing their childhood, owning Fibrenew Canterbury (and later, Fibrenew New Zealand) meant he could establish a stronger family foundation. “We still follow the kids around, even though they’re adults now!” he laughs. But it worked for him. Clive and Claire were able to have a healthy balance between work and family by coaching their kids sports teams while they were young, and these days even participate in the odd touch rugby match.

Success with a franchise is never penalized with additional charges by head office. With Fibrenew, every franchisee has the freedom to succeed beyond any expectation with the monetary results going straight into their own pockets.

Do you think, “That could be me!”? Contact Fibrenew for an opportunity to own your own business and achieve success the way Clive has. Fibrenew Canterbury has allowed Clive and Claire to succeed in the most unsuspecting ways.


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