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Tim Church Joins the Fibrenew Franchise Development Team!

Tim’s background resonates very closely with Fibrenew’s history as a company.

His first exposure to franchising happened in the late 1990s, when he worked for a small window-cleaning outfit that began their first franchising operations while Tim was employed as one of only three team members–the other two being the founding husband and wife.

To put that into perspective, Fibrenew had started as a single small business that began franchising just one decade earlier.

But the parallels in our histories are just the beginning of why we’re thrilled to introduce Tim as the newest Franchise Developer on the Fibrenew team.

“I feel like I’ve come full circle. Even though window cleaning and leather, vinyl, and plastic restoration may not seem so similar, I feel like the cultures between where I started and where I am today are so similar–and that has me very excited.”

Tim truly embodies what the culture of Fibrenew is.

He cites good work ethic, honesty, and the fact that he picked up on a family “feel” to the franchises–and it reminds him of what the favorite part of his career had been and that he’s going back to that now.

We talk a lot about “family” here at Fibrenew. So, the alignment is undeniable.

Tom describes his own career path as more of a “zig-zag” pattern, working in franchise development for a mental health company, personal training franchise, automotive, and more. 

During his 25-year run, he has also owned several franchises–all of which have been in the service sector. This brings Tim a considerable advantage in experience and knowledge around the challenges and triumphs that our franchisees can face. And he knows how to offer that empathy and understanding in a way that educates and reassures them.

The hands-on nature, the ability to scale, but then also the ability to keep it small are all aspects of the Fibrenew franchisee experience that Tim is intimately familiar with.

“The hands-on nature, the chance to grow the business, or also the option to keep things small are all areas I’m most comfortable with–because those are exactly the kind of businesses I’ve owned.”

Tim attributes his high perception of people’s intentions to his capability to help make the right decisions for both himself and his prospects. He’s so passionate about getting it right, that he describes the feeling of helping people discover what the next chapter of their life will be gives him “goosebumps.”

That emotional intelligence and genuine excitement for helping others make him such a welcome fit here at Fibrenew.

“There are only two answers. Yes, and everything else.” -Tim Church, Franchise Developer at Fibrenew, on how to make a major decision for your future.

Welcome, Tim!

Reach Tim Church at: 
[email protected]
Toll-Free: 800.345.2951 x 132
Direct/Text: 229.252.5253
Linked In

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