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Podcast: The Mother-Son Franchise Powerhouse from Mexico City

In this edition, we talked with the mother-son franchise powerhouse team of Carla Ceron and Diego Rosales Ceron of Fibrenew Mexico City. Carla has been operating Fibrenew in Mexico for over 20 years. Diego was just three years old when his mom started the business, and in this podcast, he shares many fond and funny stories of his earliest memories of his mom working the business and how she handled it all.

Carla shares some sage life and business philosophies that have served her well. We talk about how they have structured their business, from their technicians, office administrator, their shop setup, the type of work they do, and much more. 

They also share how they work together as mother and son, what lines need to be drawn to make it work, and what the future holds for their franchise. 

You can reach out to Carla and Diego on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In

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Jesse Johnstone

As the President of Fibrenew, I have the privilege of working with an exceptionally talented team at Head Office and in the field with our franchisees. Witnessing the achievements of our Franchise Partners in their businesses is a source of deep fulfillment and gratification.

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