PODCAST: Husband & Wife Power Team: Todd and Joanie Penhollow (Episode 2 of 6 in the Fibrenew Business Models Miniseries)

Thank you for joining us for installment 2 of 6 in a miniseries focused on showcasing the various types of business models that exist within Fibrenew.

Todd and Joanie Penhollow of Fibrenew Central Oregon are a shining example of how a husband and wife team can and should work within Fibrenew’s franchise system. In this conversation, you’ll hear how they work together every day, either working on jobs as a team or splitting duties and doubling up on revenue-generating activities. You’ll hear how it took Joanie a few years before coming on board with Todd full-time in the business as well as how much they truly enjoy working together every day.

Todd and Joanie are an inspiration in how they run their business as a partnership and we hope you enjoy listening in, cheers!

PS: check out this article from Todd and Joanie and their Five Ways to Make a Spousal Business Venture Successful 

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