Podcast: From the Military to Fibrenew: Jorge’s Figueroa’s journey

Jorge Figueroa of Fibrenew Osceola, FL transitioned to Fibrenew after a successful career in the military. After being away from his family for so many years, he was ready to be at home and wanted to be his own boss. He found that perfect fit with Fibrenew and ultimately opened his franchise in August 2022.

At the time of this recording, Jorge was in his 8th month of operation as a franchisee. He spoke about what his experience has been like to date, shared some of the best parts, some the frustrating parts, and talked about what he’s planning for in the future.

We hope you enjoy listening in, and if you’re interested in learning more about Fibrenew Franchising, please visit:

Video Extra! Jorge Figueroa on Spectrum News 13 Spot:


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