Peer-to-Peer Support Alive and Well With Fibrenew (Podcast)

Here at Fibrenew, we have many support channels and resources like our support team, our online Technical Library with videos and manuals and discussions, we have weekly huddle calls, we have periodic seminars, training opportunities, and more. But one resource we can’t leave off that list is the tremendous peer to peer support that exists among franchisees.

On this podcast, freshman franchisee, Joey Weber, and senior franchisee Dan Hoffman take us through a recent 3-day ride along they did together in Dan’s territory and how the experience was for them both. It was win-win as Joey learned tons and Dan had an extra hand in his business a few days. Conversations like this illustrate the deeply supportive culture we have here at Fibrenew and we hope you enjoy listening in…cheers!


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Fibrenew Customer Reviews

5 Stars
“A piece of painters tape took off the color on a new leather chair from Pottery Barn. I made the matter worse by adding baby oil to the aniline leather. After calling Brian at Fibrenew, he came out immediately to take a look and provide a quote. I am so happy with the results. He saved my new leather chair. It literally looks like new. Don't hesitate to give him a call! I highly recommend.”
- Kelly Dreske, Sterling Heights, MI

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