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How to keep your boat’s interior in cruising condition

As the temperatures climb higher, boat lovers everywhere will be returning to the water every chance they get. Taking your boat out after a long, cold winter can be extremely refreshing, especially if you have been kept off of the water by the weather. While you’re gearing up for your joyride, remember to pay attention to your upholstery. Summer weather is beautiful, but it can also lead to worn down seats if you don’t properly care for your boat.

(Top) Mildewed seats. (Bottom) Seats looking like new after the Fibrenew touch.

The first thing you should do upon exposing your boat to the summer elements is to find out exactly what type of material the seats on your boat are made of. Many seats are made with a combination of vinyl and leather, so make sure you know which category your boat falls under.
Choosing a good leather cleanser is the next preventative measure to take. We recommend using water based cleanser, which has fewer chemicals and is better for long-term use. Wiping down your seats regularly with a good cleanser is an excellent way to prevent major wear and tear as well as keep your leather looking clean and new.

Making sure to cover all upholstery on your boat is another great way to keep it from sun damage. Being openly exposed to the sun all the time will wear on the material and cause serious fading, so make sure to invest in a good cover if you store your boat in an outdoor area. Sun damage can cause cracking and fading, so protection is vitally important to keep the material in good shape. Covering up your upholstery will also help protect from dirt, which can stain, and dampness, which can cause mildew. Be sure to dry out the boat before covering it up. Trapped moisture can cause rotting and mildew of the boat’s interior.

Taking these precautionary measure will help keep your boat in fantastic shape. Prepare to relax and enjoy those long summer rides on the water!

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