Fibrenew’s Key Pivots Through COVID-19

Fibrenew’s Response and Position During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With a keen eye on the future, and as the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak has evolved, Fibrenew has adapted and responded accordingly in order to support our Franchise Partners through this time and keep our company moving forward.

Since early March/2020, Fibrenew has rolled out numerous important updates and changes in response to the pandemic. This has included info-sharing and pro-active steps on financial relief, ramped-up support and on-going education, the establishment of new industry partners, as well as the development and release of new products. All the while, we have been guided by a consistent message to stay informed, stay safe, and stay positive.

“Major kudos to the team for your support through this period. I really appreciate it. Looking to and expecting success for everyone from their efforts once the dust settles.”
– Franchisee, Joey Weber: Fibrenew Chico, CA

Fibrenew's Operational Pivots Through COVID-19

An Essential Business: Fibrenew’s Mid-Long Term Outlook:
While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a short-term effect on Fibrenew’s ability to perform work at full capacity, it has not completely disrupted our ability to operate. Although at a reduced capacity, many of our franchisees have continued to provide services to essential businesses in their local areas during the shelter-at-home orders.

As restrictions lift in the days and weeks to come, we anticipate a return to the strong demand for our services across all the industries we proudly service. We also anticipate increased demand in the medical and hospitality industries. In particular, a speculative change in regulations and expectations of the condition of vinyl, plastic, and leather being kept in exemplary condition – with no rips, tears, cracks, or holes in substrates whatsoever. That’s a need that Fibrenew will be able to provide. We’ll be here to help.

steve buff fibrenew franchisee“The entire HQ team at Fibrenew ROCK! Great, great people. Very, very impressive stuff going on lately. Thank you!”
– Franchisee, Steve Bugg: Fibrenew Clear Lake, TX

Since early March, we have all been waking up to a changing reality – one that’s been refreshed every 24 hours. With that changing reality has come the need to respond as best we can along the way. Below is a play-by-play overview of those operational pivots we felt necessary to best navigate this period and come out stronger:

1) Relief on Franchise Fees:

  • For the months of April, May and, June, franchise fee waivers were issued for all Franchisees across the system
  • This was a full waive, not a deferment

2) Annual Seminars Rescheduled and Delivered via Zoom:

  • Fibrenew Online SeminarWith stay at home orders in effect, April was an opportune time to sharpen repair skills, learn new techniques and refine processes
  • All previously-scheduled live, in-person seminars were canceled
  • Seminars were then conducted April 20 – 24 via Zoom where we hosted over 250 Franchise Partners from around the world

3) New Vendor Partnerships Formed and Strengthened:

  • We established new alliances with industry partners and strengthened our relationships with existing ones
  • Deeper discounts and incentives with 3rd party suppliers were set in place
  • We established more customer referral channels with partners

4) Ramped-Up Company-Wide Support:

  • Fibrenew Online SupportNew company-wide ‘Huddle Calls’ via Zoom now happen every Wednesday morning
  • All franchisees are invited to attend these calls for a dose of motivation, to share ideas and to to keep the Fibrenew community strong
  • We published numerous support articles on steps that can be taken during this period, including marketing, business planning, and learning new skills
  • We produced new internal podcasts with team members to share ideas and in order to keep a common thread in philosophy

5) Training New Franchisees:

  • For our March class, in the midst of the first wave of restrictions, we revised the training schedule in order to send trainees home as soon as possible
  • For our May class, for the first time ever, we conducted the 2 week training course via Zoom for 3 new Franchise Partners – it went great and the new franchisees have successfully started their business
  • Out July training class will be conducted via Zoom as well

6) We Released and Developed New Products:

  • new productsWe continued to develop, produce and ship our proprietary products
  • On April 23rd, we released a new line of topcoats (with an antimicrobial ingredient) and new cleaning products (some with a bleach disinfectant)
  • We also released and shipped new tools and equipment that all help expand our service offerings
  • In mid-March, we began the development of an all-new disinfectant cleaner that Fibrenew Franchisees will soon use for every repair they perform in the field

7) For Potential Franchisees: Virtual Ride Days & Conference Calls:

  • We moved on-screen for our Ride Day process that allows prospective franchise owners to see the process of how we work in the field from the comfort of their home
  • We have also introduced another round of communication with more current owners and our leadership team as part of the validation process
  • In order to meet an increase in franchise inquiries, we are now holding conference calls twice per month for those interested in learning more about our franchise concept

8) Government Relief Options:

  • We provided clear instructions and information on programs from the US and Canadian Governments

9) Operations and Staffing:

  • Our executive team, support, administration, warehouse, and training teams continued to work regular hours
  • No staff members were let go during this period

10) Our Mantra During this Time:

  • Stay Safe + Play Our Part + Think Big + Maintain a Positive Attitude

To date, this has been a period of redefinition for us all. On both personal and business levels, it is presenting unprecedented challenges. It is pushing us to examine our place in the world, how we conduct our daily lives as well as how we work and play. While this pandemic has physically forced us apart in the short term, it has so far proven to have brought the Fibrenew community closer together for the long haul.

From everyone here at Fibrenew, we wish you and yours well through this period. Take good care,

– Team Fibrenew


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“I had just brought my new car home from the dealership, and it was a long drive, since I purchased out of state.  It was at the end of a business trip, so I had placed my leather briefcase/satchel on the passenger seat next to me, where it sat for the drive home and then overnight. In the morning when I took it out of my car, I found that the satchel's leather dye had leached into my new cream-colored leather seats in large areas. I tried briefly to remove the stain with several types of leather cleaners, but nothing worked. I thought for certain that I had permanently stained and ruined the seats. I called the car dealership, and they had no help to offer, just suggesting that I go to the auto parts store and try an off-the shelf cleaner. I called Bucky and in very short order he returned the seats to PERFECT new condition. Very grateful to Bucky for his excellent work and more than reasonable pricing.”
- Bob - South Chesterfield, VA


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