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A Business to Feel Good About

As featured in Franchise Consultant Magazine in a segment called ‘Brands that Give Back – ask the Franchisors’ by Jill Abrahamsen

Although one company cannot change the world, Fibrenew is doing its part. With an estimated 292.4 million tons of trash in landfills, Fibrenew’s services help keep that number from growing — at least when it comes to tossing out old furniture. The leather, plastic and vinyl restoration service brings old furniture back to life and prevents it from ending up in landfills. With almost 300 locations and thousands of customers, it’s easy to see the company’s positive impact on the world. It’s not surprising that Fibrenew’s franchisees and leadership team feel good about what they do. The positive energy at Fibrenew has created an amazing, family-like culture. Here, two members of its leadership team talk about the company’s ideals.

FIBRENEW’S CORE VALUES ARE SOMETHING THAT I AM PROUD to hang my hat on each day. We focus on empathy, compassion, and integrity with laser-focused energy on assisting our franchise partners to achieve their personal and financial goals through owning and operating a Fibrenew franchise. To “get,” you must first “give.” It’s a people-first mindset and culture that Fibrenew operates on — something we feel is special in today’s business environment. —Jesse Johnstone, president at Fibrenew

WHEN IT COMES TO WORKING WITH POTENTIAL BUSINESS owners making life-changing decisions, it is important to be authentic. When I am talking about Fibrenew, all I can be is authentic. Fibrenew is a company that was started with a very focused idea of providing our customers with the best possible restorations while at the same time helping our business owners achieve their individual successes. Thirty-seven years later that same focused idea prevails, and it allows me to interact with potential business owners in the most honest, sincere, and 100% authentic manner possible. —Matt Woodcock, franchise development director at Fibrenew

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Jesse Johnstone

As the President of Fibrenew, I have the privilege of working with an exceptionally talented team at Head Office and in the field with our franchisees. Witnessing the achievements of our Franchise Partners in their businesses is a source of deep fulfillment and gratification.

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