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Wives’ tales that can ruin the leather seats in your car: Video

Posted: Mar 20, 2012Category: Automotive::Franchise, DIY, Leather Advice From the Pros

Do not use these products to fix leather You might read that you can use window cleaner, nail polish remover, magic sponges, cleaning wipes, hair spray, shoe polish and markers to fix your leather auto interior.  But, these products will damage your leather, and you should not use them. If you leave more questions in the comments, we’d be happy to answer them for you.  You can also find more information in our more in-depth po... [read more...]

Don’t use oil products on the leather seats in your car: Video

Posted: Jan 24, 2012Category: Automotive::Franchise, DIY, General, Leather Advice From the Pros

Oil soap can ruin your auto interior Oil products like olive oil, oil soap  and WD-40 can ruin the leather seats in your car, so you should not use them.  Old wives' tales say oil helps soften up and condition leather, but that only works for baseball mitts and cowboy horse saddles - not your nice leather seats. Leave any additional questions in the comments or check out our post on wives' tales related to leather care.... [read more...]

Leather cleaning and repair products guide

Posted: Feb 21, 2011Category: General

Do it yourself leather dye kit I can’t tell you how many jobs we have come in because people have tried do-it-yourself leather products that didn’t work out.  I hate that.  While I can’t speak for other company’s products, I can give you some good tips on what to look for. 1. Make sure the product you are using is designed specifically for the type of leather you are using it on.  There are a ton of different ... [read more...]