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Leather, Vinyl, Upholstery Repair Customer Testimonials

I have 2 GREAT Reviews:  #1 - Our leather couch was 10 years old and 3 of the cushions suffered damage from our dogs constantly climbing on them.  My wife wanted a new couch and I remembered meeting Dick about 5 years ago.  I found his information and brought my cushions to Rick.  When they were finished I brought them home and my wife was very impressed!  

#2 - My Lexus LS 430 is a great car, still looks good and drives beautifully but after 200,000 miles the driver seat with the perforated leather was really torn and damaged.  I asked Rick if he could redo the seat.  He said no problem.  I dropped off the car this morning, after work I came back to pick up my car, to say I was FLOORED is an understatement.  The seat looked like it was factory made from Lexus!!  

When it comes to leather repair there is only one call to make.   Make it Fibrenew!!  Thank you Rick!!!

Paul H.
I have 2 Great reviews!

#1 - Our 10 year old leather couch had some serious damage as there were holes in the cushions from our dogs constantly jumping on them. I had met Dick fiver or six years ago and found his card. I called Rick he said to send him photos. Rick responded the next day and said to bring the cushions by. I dropped them off. When they were ready Rick texted me. Wow they looked great! My wife who was pushing for a new $6,000 couch admitted that Rick gave our couch a 2nd life!

#2 - After seeing how our couch turned out I asked Rick to look at my Lexus LS 430. The car still looks beautiful and the ride is perfect. That said after 200,000 miles the drive seat looked 3rd world! I really had no expectations, when I dropped off the car this morning, I just wanted a seat that was a pile of leather rags. At the end of the day I called Rick and he said the car was ready. When I opened the driver door I was BLOWN AWAY!! The seat looked like it was straight from the Lexus factory! It was perfect down to the perforated leather and stitching! I feel great about my car again!!

When you need to repair your leather there is ONLY ONE CALL, Rick at Fibrenew!

Paul Hargraves
Awesome work on my leather couch highly recommend. Rick saved our couch he picked up the piece and delivered it when it was done!!!!!!

laura D.
I have used Rick at Fibrenew for several project over the years. The last one was to rejuvenate and refresh a pair of Cedar Green sports seats from my 23 year old Porsche 993 Cab. Amazing job. I will continue to use Rick as the need arrive. He is extremely talented and his integrity is beyond reproach. Many thanks Rick.

Chuck Wampler
Our 20 year old leather couch had some issues. We called Fibrenew West and Rick came out and fixed everything and made it look new again. Thanks Rick!

Jim B.
I foolishly used a harsh cleaner on our leather couch while cleaning up after our dog. A finish applied to the leather just started peeling away. The furniture is just over 2 years old so we weren't ready to just scrap it. I started to research leather repair and I'm so glad we found Rick at Fibrenew. He's a class act. I first filled out the form online and sent him a pic. He wasn't able to assess the material from the photo to give me a quote. He kindly came over the next evening to look. You can tell he knows what he is doing. He explained all about the difference between leather and other materials and what might work. We could tell he wasn't just out to gouge us and we were all cautiously optimistic we could make it look better to give us 2 more years out of the furniture. He came back the next day to repair and within an hour he had it looking like new! It's like there was never an unsightly spot there. He was even able to fix some scratch marks from our aforementioned pooch who thinks it's fun to faux dig on our cushions. We're very pleased with the results and his price was reasonable. We will certainly use Fibrenew in the future for any repairs needed!

Dawn V.

Rick quoted through photos which made things very easy, came out and picked up the seat and dropped it off a few days later and it looked brand new! Customer service was exceptional along with the craftsmanship! Will be recommending to everyone who need vinyl work! Thanks Rick!

The best in the biz! Rick comes to our store and helps us repair leather and can refurbish the hardest jobs. Honest, affordable and reliable.

Rebound Stores
Unbelievable! Rick came, he quoted, he took the worn out high quality leather couch cushions, and returned them looking brand, spanking new. My highest recommendations​!

Megan Marcia
All I can say is "Do you believe in MAGIC" Fibrenew - We Fix Leather took the leather seat in my Jeep and made it look brand new! And the price was so affordable! Thanks Dick and Rick! I am so happy!

Star T.
Rick recently reupholstered my permanent makeup chair. Great job! There was a little glitch with dye getting on the vinyl that would not come off. He fixed the problem as a courtesy and it's brand new again. Rick stands behind his work. Pretty rare today.

I had a damaged armrest in my '99 Jeep- Just cracked from usage and the sun damage. I dropped off the car, and an hour later it was repaired. The color matched perfectly. He did a great job. He also does furniture really well.

J J.
Technician, Rick Bublitz, has had 100% success in repairing, cleaning refurbishing, re-dyeing leather/vinyl/plastic/fabric furniture, cars, boats, clothing and other items with these component parts.


Rick Bublitz, Fibrenew West completed several repairs for us recently. His professionalism, his knowledge, his workmanship, and his deamenor were simply outstanding. We will definitely use him again. Thank you. Scott

Scott, Woodland Hills