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Mobile restoration service to your home or business!

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Fibrenew North York East Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service

All estimates are contingent on actual inspection.

Fibrenew uses proprietary practices developed and proven by hundreds of Fibrenew technicians throughout the world. But due to variations in natural materials we cannot guarantee that our service will produce “like new” results.

Any cleaning process may cause material to stiffen or embrittle. Shrinkage is unpredictable and changes in shade or finish may happen. Naturally occurring cuts and scars on skins may be revealed. Uneven matches may be more evident after cleaning. Liquids may cause color to bleed, resulting in color change. Hardware like nails or buckles may bleed onto leather.

Fibrenew’s materials use a highly advanced water­-based color and dye system. Nevertheless, as color is influenced by so many factors, especially the light source (daylight, fluorescent, LED, etc.), we cannot guarantee a perfect match.

All reupholstery jobs require payment in full for materials (if applicable) and a 50% deposit on labor. Material costs are non­refundable once the order has been placed. Labor deposits are non­refundable once work has commenced. All deliveries require a full payment of balance due upon delivery (COD). In lieu of a signed estimate, payment of deposit shall serve as acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms.

New coverings are constructed based on templates created from the panels of the original piece. We cannot be responsible for minor dimensional variation resulting from reassembling an existing pattern. We stand behind the craftsmanship, such as stitching and assembly, but we do not warrant the piece based on subjective assessments, such as “softness” or “comfort” compared to the original. This is a rebuilt piece of used furniture and we do not represent it will be “like new” when complete.

Dacron fiber, foam cushions and down filling are replaced if required using industry standard materials and practices. Estimates do NOT include new fillings and, if required, a quote will be provided for approval. Damage revealed during repair is not covered by the estimate and will be separately negotiated with client prior to work being completed.

Leather is a natural product and may show wrinkles, scars from minor cuts or insect bites. We inspect all hides and try to work around such minor flaws, but will not be responsible for repair or replacement of hides showing such natural variations. New leather is stiffer than worn, soiled material we are replacing and the piece may feel firmer than the well worn material of the original.

We do not provide fabric but will offer estimates for the amount of yardage required. These estimates are made in good faith, based on experience, but we will not be responsible for cost or delays in procuring additional material if required. We will inspect the material prior to use but will not be responsible for flaws or shortages that may occur in the course of assembling.

We offer good faith estimates for time to completion and delivery but will not be responsible for delays in meeting these estimates. We will make every effort to regularly communicate as to the progress of work but are not responsible for delays in delivery or installation.

We try to assure your satisfaction, but cannot provide refunds on any repairs, cleaning or dyeing.