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I contacted Kelton Fuller, owner of Fibrenew for Colorado Springs, with the reference from Lazboy Home Furnishing. Sent Kelton pictures of our leather couch for wear and dye fading. Kelton's a friendly and above-knowledgeable technician with 18 years of experience proved his skill. He came to our home with his refined skills to perform his work. Which is a customer cost savings. I asked him if I could observe his work. The six-step repair preparation and repair is exactly what he claimed. Removal of natural body stains, cosmetic creams, and hair spray. Naturalizing the leather to receive the new dye. Color matching and inserting new fiber (disassembling frame and leather covering and reassembling) are both long labor processes. Kelton matched the original color with 2{e3d356e407e9c42a173aec3763afe1a50d1e1389f030b1dd3b2c279c73960a44} perfection. A wait time of 24 hours for the complete curing of new applications is his recommendation. When completed the couch looked like new and matched the original loveseat and chair companions. The cost is every bit reasonable for Kelton's technical work performance and knowledge to complete the project. I recommend Kelton to any new customer.

Bill Miller, Monument, Co

before & after picbefore & after pic

Kelton did an amazing job repairing a very damaged leather couch cushion. He matched the navy blue perfectly, and virtually fixed it so you’d never know it had been damaged. We loved that he came to our home and did the repair right here, in a very short period of time ( less than 90 minutes). I will call on Kelton for all future leather repair needs!

Alice O’Connor, Monument, CO

We were so pleased with the work that Kelton Fuller did on our leather chair. He brought the badly worn arms back to a like new condition. He really knows leather.

Thanks Kelton.

Max Calkins

Max Calkins, Colorado Springs

before & after picbefore & after pic

We were so pleased with the job Kelton Fuller did on our leather chair. It had badly worn spots on one arm, that were worn and checked. He restored the chair to a like new condition. He really knows leather and how to treat problems like ours.

Thanks Kelton.

Max Calkins

Max Calkins, Colorado Springs

This is a long overdue review but maybe more meaningful now. In May of 2014 we had a leather sofa and leather recliner restored. They both had been new in 2002 and had stains and terrible sun fading. To this day they still look like almost new. No stains, no fading, just well used and loved. The restoration Kelton did is far superior to the original when we bought the furniture. Thank you Kelton for making the trip up here from the Springs.

Denny Arter, SALIDA, CO

I put a name tag on a red leather coat and pulled off part of the finish, leaving a dark pink rectangle on the red.  Kelton matched the color so well I can't tell where the patch was.  Fantastic job, good price, and timely.  Will definitely recommend to friends.

Mark A.

Daniel hernandez

Kelton did a phenomenal job.  He took our leather couches and transformed them.  If you have some leather restoration that needs to be done I highly recommend Kelton and his company Fibrenew.  You will not be disappointed with his craftsmanship and artistry.

Daniel H.

I just had two couches and one chair restored to perfection by Kelton Fuller of Fibrenew. We had scratches on the seats from our pups and places on the armrests that showed significant wear. His work is absolutely amazing. Our furniture looks brand new! I would highly recommend Kelton.

Roxanne Barber, Colorado Springs, CO

We had furniture that was damaged by movers and we found Fibrenew online locally, so called them up and came out and really restored our chair! We were amazed with the results.  We would definitely use them again.

Michael T.

I recently had Fibrenew perform some work on a used Honda Pilot I acquired - repair some torn leather upholstery, clean and recondition the leather, repair badly scratched dashboard, and some other cleaning.  They did an absolutely outstanding job.  Kelton, the owner, is a straight shooter and a nice guy to work with.  And the work surpassed my expectations and was exactly what Kelton said - and fairly priced.  I highly recommend them.

Bill W.

Fibrenew just refinished our leather couch. It was not in bad shape but had wear lines and definitely showing it's age on the cushions. After a multistep cleaning, color match dye and protection process; the couch looks significantly better, if not almost new, and should stand up to years more. It was an educational process and I learned a lot from Kelton as I watched him work his magic. I definitely recommend Fibrenew as they did an excellent job.


I had 2 sofas that were subjected to extensive wear from a sick dog who decided they were great to lick as a stress reliever.  They went from a nice brown to unsightly orange. I sent the photos to Kelton and got an immediate response. A quick call resulted in a quote and he came out within days to re-dye.   He charged exactly what he quoted and was kind and helpful the entire time.  He took the time to get the color match exact and let us know how to properly care for them in the future.  The sofas look great !

John M.

I had several Abetta saddles with large holes where the horses had rolled.  The holes were unsightly and ruined what otherwise were brand new saddles.  

Since Kelton had done such a great job on my mom's leather couches, I thought he might be able to save my saddles.  He took on the challenge with incredible results!  All the saddles look like new once again!

Laurie Z.

I have a very expensive leather love seat that I purchased almost six years ago from a highly respected furniture company. Within a couple year's time the color...

Judi M.

Kelton was really busy so it took a couple weeks before he could get to me.  I am very glad I waited!  He fixed a slight tear in my Mercedes driver's seat.  No matter how hard I look I can't find the repair.  So I gave him a shot at my door in my truck.  Other repair places said they could only stop the rip from progressing and it wouldn't look new.  Kelton gave it a shot and I can't see where the repair is on that either.
Finally, being impressed with the repairs he did I gave him a huge test.  That was to strip and refinish the leather on a couple of expensive office chairs.  Oh and I asked him to change the color as well.  Those leather panels look brand new.  Kelton saved me $3,000 because I was about to give those chairs away and buy new ones.  No need now I can get years of use out of the refinished ones.  Best money I've spent in a long time!

Lou P.

The cushions on our 12-year old leather couch were in such bad shape we thought we needed to replace the entire couch. The couch itself was in quite good condition. Then we learned about Kelton Fuller, owner of Fibrenew of Colorado Springs. Kelton came to our home and repaired the cushions to match the rest of the couch. Now, it looks as it should - like a fine leather couch in very good condition. Kelton is a craftsman and an artist, is extremely knowledgeable, and very personable. I was able to watch him work and see first hand what a master he is at leather restoration. I considered trying to purchase a do-it-yourself kit to restore the cushions, but decided against it, concluding the cost savings versus the likelihood of a poor result of my own effort was not worth the small savings. I was right. After watching Kelton do his work, using his specialized tools, dyes, and techniques, I am certain I came out way ahead with the final result. If you have leather to recondition, forget the alternatives and call Kelton.


Had a GREAT experience with Kelton Fuller and Fibrenew after our grand-puppy decided to make a meal out of the passenger seat arm rest in our Lexus.  Kelton did a great job in matching the color of the leather and even my (very) type A husband had to agree that it looks almost untouched by puppy teeth.  I took the car to Kelton's house and it was done in about an hour.  He also did a repair on the sleeve of a leather jacket - can't even see it!  Would highly recommend!

Julie N

Julie N.

Kelton Fuller, owner of Fibrenew, is highly knowledgable & skilled in repairing auto upholstery & furniture.  He carefully matched the color & texture of the leather in our car seat and sofa. Any worries of making the tears look worse (like his competition) quickly vanished when we saw the  results.  Amazing! I never thought what looked old & bad could be restored so well.

Joann C.

Excellent service and repair.  My 2 cats decided to have a scratch party one night on my fine leather couch.  Not only was Fibrenew able to match the color, which no one else could do, but they repaired each dig mark.  My red leather couch looks brand new.  Highly recommended!

David S.

Our leather sofa was showing major wear and weaknesses in areas throughout the bottom cushions. One cushion also had an approximate 2 inch tear. Kelton was able to fix the tear and restore life to the bottom cushions and armrest areas of the couch. In fact, it looked so good we had him do the love seat as well. After spending the last few weekends furniture shopping, we wish we would of phoned Kelton to begin with!


We called Kelton at Fibrenew to take a look at our 12 year old leather sofa. The sofa arms and backrest had severe wear and tear areas; to include a large hole in one area. Kelton completed the job within a very short period of time. You could not tell if there had ever been a problem area on the sofa. He even color coded the repair so professionally that you could not tell the difference between the original color! If you have a leather repair need, Kelton Fuller at Fibrenew is the man to call. We highly recommend him and his service. JOHNNY SMITH, COLORADO SRPINGS


Fibrenew, Kelton Fuller, repaired our leather sofa that was 12 years old and had extreme wear  and tear, plus a large hole on the armrests and large area on the headrest. He repaired the damage and restored the sofa to such a good condition that we had anticipated throwing the sofa in the trash but after his restoration it's good for another 12 years.  He color coded the color of the existing leather to a point that you cannot tell the difference.

If you need an honest and professional leather repair, don't hesitate to give FIBRENEW, kELTON FULLER A CALL WITHOUT RESERVATION.  WE GIVE HIM AN HONEST 5 STAR RATING!!.
Johnny Smith, Colorado Springs

Johnny S.

I am so pleased with the repair work done to my favorite pair of boots and handbag by Kelton Fuller (of Fibrenew) I didn't realize how bad they had gotten until after he fixed them and made them look brand new! Thank you for the quick and professional service. I will definitely recommend you to others.


We are more than happy and impressed with the patching Kelton did on our 20 year old leather furniture. Our B&B has been running non-stop for 20 years and our guests love to sit and chat in the library. They unconsciously pick at the worn areas on the arms of the leather furniture making holes bigger and bigger. A child dug his heals into the seat pads over and over months ago ripping a hole in one of the seats. As Innkeepers and Owners we felt stressed over these issues daily.

Kelton fixed all of these eyesores in a very short period of time. Wow. It is SO nice now to walk into the library and feel relaxed that those holes won't get bigger and more unsightly. Most are now hardly noticeable! Our guests love saying, "We like the furniture just the way it is, it's like home!"  Now, it's like a more relaxed and comfortable home for us all!

Thank you Kelton for great, great work for us. We highly recommend you.

Innkeeper G.

Outstanding work!!! I needed to have a crack in my auto seat repaired and needed it done quickly. They came to my auto and performed the repair and the work was outstanding. You can't tell that a crack ever existed. I highly recommend this service. They are very responsive and the work is first-rate.

Ron M.

AMAZING! Kelton did a fantastic job, he was professional, courteous, and matched the color exactly. I would recommend this service to anyone and will definitely use him again. He restored our faith in customer service!!!


I accidentally spilled nail polish remover or on my Leather couch. I thought that it was totally ruined. I called Fibernew and a technician came to my house. I had little hope that he could truly fix the problem so that It would actually looked anywhere near what it had before the damage. The repair was truly unbelievable! The couch looks exactly as it did before the accident. I cannot stress enough how wonderful this company is !! They're not kidding when they say they are amazing!

Cathy K.

Awesome job and great service. Fibrenew removed marks and scratches from my leather chair. The color blend was perfect and you can not tell it was repaired. High quality craftsmanship at a fair price. I would always recommend their service.

Michael Lane


Excellent and smooth service. They did the estimates via pictures and email, and were upfront with all the costs. They came to my house and dos all the repairs as described. They fixed multiple scrapes and holes in my couches, and did a wonderful job.

Andrew R.

Great job done my Mr. fuller with Fibrenew. He repaired my leather sofa//love seat in a "new" condition! The job was done so professionally, therefore, there was NO evidence they had been repaired!

I highly recommend Mr. fuller, so give him a call before you purchase more furniture.

Leperthia J., Peyton, CO

I have to tell you that I tried everyone in the Yellow Pages and all but three ignored my calls and emails. Two others made contact, but never followed through. You were the only one that seemed to want my business and in a very genuine, friendly and helpful manner. Give yourself a nice pat on the back!

If I ever hear of anyone needing your services, I will recommend you highly.

Laurie Z., Colorado Springs, CO

After a different leather repair company in the Springs let us down, I called Fibrenew to fix my boss' favorite leather chair. It had some pretty bad fading on the arm rests, as well as some tears on the back. They were very flexible on when they could do the repairs, came to pick the chair up at our convenience, and brought it back looking brand new. My boss was extremely pleased and we will never look elsewhere for our leather repair needs around the office (and neither should you!). Very friendly and professional and did a fantastic job!

Lindsay, Colorado Springs

I found Fibrenew after my dogs ate one of the cushions on my leather couch. I didn't realize leather could be repaired, but Fibrenew Colorado Spring was able to match the sheen, texture and color perfectly. Twice we have had our leather eaten and the damage repaired. This company is always very courteous, prompt and professional.

Christie S., Colorado Springs, CO