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Larry Glass

Fibrenew West Los Angeles and South Bay: Larry Glass

Mobile restoration service to your home or business!

3 WAYS TO REQUEST AN ESTIMATE: 1Online Request 2Call: 310.720.2698 3Email: [email protected]

Valued Customer Reviews

It’s all about seeing a smile on our customer’s face after each job is completed!

Below is a small sample of what some of our clients have shared about their experience with Fibrenew
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I found Larry online. The work he does is simply unbelievable. He restored eight dining room chairs and they actually look better than the original from Restoration Hardware. These chairs were $1800 each. I rented out my house to some people who completely trashed it. There was blue and purple ink from kids markers on four of the chairs. I either had to replace the chairs or get them reupholstered. Reupholstery was $1400 per chair, almost as much as the chair. for the cost of slightly more than one of the chairs, Larry completely redid the chairs with a protective coating, and they look better than the original. rarely do I find a contractor who not only gets the job done on time he was three days early, but also got the job done inexpensively and it looks better than the original. He has a delivery service, which is also very reliable, inexpensive, and honest. They will pick up your item and bring it to Larry‘s location for a reasonable fee I highly recommend Larry and I will use him again

Jeff Knyal


Amazing work. Repaired my leather sofa that had severe damage to the leather headrest. Made it like new and did it in a few days!

Sheryl Winter


Chad is the best.

Annette Larson


Chad is commutative, on time, hardworking and fair. He did an amazing job fixing our damaged leather couch. Highly recommend.

Tavoos Amidi


We had Larry refinish a very large, very worn leather ottoman. It looks so much better than I expected! It looks brand new and is so soft and conditioned. We are very very happy with Larry's services. He was quick to respond and answered all my questions and the work was completed in a very timely manner. If I could post a picture I would, but will do so on Yelp.

Colleen Teles, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Larry was very professional and accommodating. Most importantly he did a phenomenal job on matching my sofa to he rest of the room.

Yekusiel K.

We are amazed at the exceptional job Larry did on our curved leather sectional
A 25 yr old group that now looks brand new.
Thank you Larry!

Christine Winkler


Larry was the easiest and most skilled person i could find in an area that was so new to me. My Leather Seat was torn accidentally by a friends purse. I had no clue if that meant it could never be fixed or could i savage it and repair somehow before it ripped further.
I went online and found a few places and some Do -It -Yourself ideas.
But when i talked to Larry he sounded so nice and knowledgeable.
I am so glad i went to him, it was a seamless process and my seat looks as good as new. Very thankful & Grateful!

Ro I.

Larry did a wonderful and complete job on my car seat stain.  He was prompt, quick, efficient and a true master.  I will definitely be keeping him in my contacts.

Tyler S.

I just used Larry from Fibrenew for the second time and: 1. he showed up on time (big points for that). 2. His attitude is great. 3. He knows what he's doing and, 4. most importantly the black leather furniture that our 2 dogs love to use as scratching spots now look like new.
I'd give him 5 stars except that I simply don't give anyone 5 stars.  
Use him and you'll be happy with the results.

Barry F.

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Henna J.

I can't say enough great words about Larry Glass with Fibrenew. I researched and found him on Yelp. My painter sprayed paint on my couch made in 1993. A sentimental couch from my parents so I didn't want to replace it. Larry mixed paints until he found the matching color. As you can see it is NOT a common color. He tried 2 cushions until he matched the color. Then completed the other areas. We can't tell which areas he did it matched so well. He is very knowledgeable and experienced working in nice homes and businesses. Wish all my home upgrades and repairs went this smoothly and well done. Thank you Larry!

Call for appointment FYI. Great communicator.

Corky G.

Some of the best service I have experienced. We were redesigning the restaurant at the hammer museum and some of the chairs arrived in a much lighter leather colour than we were expecting. I was given Larry's contact information by one of our suppliers and he came out immediately to collect one of the chairs and match the leather to a sample we liked. We turned the whole job around in record time and to an exceptional level of quality. I have recommended him to a number of our other clients and will be using Fibrenew everytime we get stuck with stained, damaged, or incorrectly coloured fabrics and furniture.

Tom P.

We hired Larry to fix some scratches and damage caused by a external flea treatment on our dogs. He was prompt, polite, affordable, and did a great job. You can't even tell there was damage. 5/5 will use again. Thanks Larry!

Taylor Young


I am so impressed with the work that was done to repair my brand new leather couch. Larry worked his magic on my couch cushion restoring it to its original luster. I had accidentally spilled almond oil on our cushion and attempted to try and fix it which resulted in disaster. As you can see in the pictures provided we had unintentionally discolored the cushion a chalky white color with oil stains throughout. I thought we had ruined our 3,000 dollar couch, but thanks to Larry He was able to save it! He was so understanding and fast! He was always quick to respond to my emails and was very polite and realistic of expectations. He did everything he could to accommodate us and we are so thankful! Very affordable! Would recommend his work to everyone I know!

Corina J.

Larry Glass, owner, was exceptionally responsive.  He explained his process.   I dropped off a leather cushion from my office couch.  It was badly scarred and faded.
He promised 5 day service.  He let me know after 2 days.
The work is excellent. The couch looks brand new.  I wish I had done it years ago.
Price very fair.
Service perfect.

John H.

I found Larry through a quick Google search for leather stain repair.  We came home to a major dog saliva / water stain on our leather couch cushion.  We sent photos to Larry, he was quick to reply with his thoughts and process.  He was optimistic he could repair, yet honest with us -- with unfinished leather we knew we were taking our chances.  We decided to give it a go, and are so happy we did.  Larry got to work on the cushion immediately and the next day sent us photos of his magical work.  He was able to remove the large water stain and had the cushion looking like new.  It was amazing.  Couldn't be happier with his communication, hard work, quick turnaround and great attitude.  If you have leather repair needs, he's your guy.

Andrew L.

I found Larry Glass through a Google search when trying to find someone to repair some color loss and scratches on my leather couch. It was easy to go to his website and fill out a form, including photos, to get the discussion going. Larry and I emailed back and forth a couple of times and he was able to give me a quote and set up a time to do the repair. It only took a couple of days (I took my cushions to him) and I am very pleased with the result. As I had never had leather repaired before and my couch was quite expensive I was a little nervous before meeting him, but he explained his process to me and it was clear right away that he is capable and experienced with this kind of work. Again, I'm thrilled at the result. The cushions look like new! He even gave me some touch-up color for any future scratches. Highly recommended. I plan to return to him in the future for any leather repair or maintenance needs.

Los A.

Larry Glass did a outstanding job on my black leather sofa. His professionalism is 2nd to none. As you can see the results are amazing. Would recommend anyone in need of leather restoration give Larry a call.

Spoon S.

I found Fibrenew's Independant South Bay rep, Larry Glass from a quick Google search for a leather reconditioning service. I just bought a nearly flawless BMW 540i. The only issue with the car was some heavy wear and scuffing on the front seats. From the start Larry was professional, responsive and easy to deal with.

After coming out to my office to do an inspection and give me a quote he did a great job working around my schedule.

As I'm currently a member of the California National Guard I had to leave for a four day training mission with my unit. Larry was able to do the work on my car while I was gone and when I came back to pick it up I was super stoked to see how great the vehicle came out.

The seats look nearly brand new. He reconditioned all of the scuffs and cracking and color matched it perfectly. (He tried to say it was "almost perfect") but I beg to differ. He nailed it.  The seats match the rest of the pristine quality of the car.

Anyway the man is a wiz and a true artisan craftman. His pricing is very reasonable. If I have another project he's definitely my go to!

He has good reviews because he earned them.

Cool Guy. Showroom quality work. Super talented and professional.

Johnny M.

Larry is a honest hard working guy who will work with your schedule.

Bryan Gross


I could not be more impressed by Larry's work. He restored my torn, tattered furniture to great condition. He was honest and kind. A good man to work with.
Bruce R

Bruce R.

Great communication, impressed with finish, seats look like new again. Don't Hesitate to give them a call

Raymond B.

I am beyond pleased that Larry with Fibrenew was able to restore our leather couch and loveseat to like-new condition. My dog likes to "dig" and "bury" to hide her Kong toys in the couch crevasses, and also uses the couch as a spring board to jump around the living room. Because of this, the couch had some bad scratches and rub marks. Larry custom mixed a color match to re-color the scratches, and cleaned and conditioned the entire couch / loveseat. Price was very reasonable, availability was excellent, and most of the work was done on site so that we didn't have to go without our furniture. Highly recommended!

Dianne L.

I emailed Larry at Fibrenew to come and see if he can save our leather sectional before we went ahead and bought a new one. The sectional looked really bad and so we were very skeptical about whether Larry can really revive it indeed. After emailing him with some pictures of the sofa, Larry got back to me and I felt that he was very professional and honest in his approach. He then confirmed what the next steps are. I told him that my birthday was coming up and so I needed the sectional back before that time.  
He made sure that he got the sofa back to us before my birthday and delivered it only a week after he pick up.  I was speechless, I almost cried tears of joy when I saw the sectional - it looked brand-new. When my husband saw it, he was speechless too. Larry's pricing reflected the job that he did with our sectional!!   I am writing this review because I NEED to share this AMAZING work by Larry with everybody. I can not express enough how satisfied we are and are so pleased that we chose to use Fibrenew..... Thanks again Larry for this great experience

Victoria H.

Contacted Fibrenew and couldn't have been more pleased with Rick and his professional workmanship.
Rick got my sofa repaired in a timely manner and was nice enough to return to help with another matter at no charge.
Rick is a stand up guy.
Thanks much.

Bob A.

I had two bad seats that couldn't be repaired by Larry at fiber new. Instead of selling me a bill of goods he gave me some options. His professionalism is what is missing in business to. I know when I do have a job for fiber new that Larry will be on speed dial.

Terry Hartman


Larry did a perfect job on my 2 Sofas cushions. First to prepare the scratches , then to re-color them. It match perfectly. Padding is also very good. Job was done on time and pricing very fair. Thanks Larry for your kindness.

Didier S.

I had some vintage naugahyde chair cushions that needed one large tear and a few small tears repaired.  Larry did a great job and saved me from having to get new ones made.  I would recommend him to anyone.

Scott W.

Larry did a fabulous job on my favorite bar stools that had a lot of damage and they came back looking like new at a fair price. He worked with my schedule and did the work quickly. I will never use anyone else for any leather, vinyl or furniture repair in the future.

Lance Bowling


If anyone in the Los Angeles needs repair/refurbishing work on their leather interiors, I highly, highly recommend Larry at Fibrenew.

My M3 seats were vandalized with key marks everywhere, and (after trying to fix one of them myself- poorly) I got quoted everywhere from 900-1700 to have them fixed professionally. Most even told me it was impossible to have them fixed.

When I showed Larry the seats, he told me he could do it, and at a fraction of the cost of the others

I just picked them up, and all I can say is WOW. The difference is truly staggering- they look brand new! I am in disbelief as to how tremendous the difference is

Along the way, Larry was always extremely kind, informative, and helpful, taking the time to address each and every one of my concerns and making sure the seat came out exactly how I wanted them. When I sent him pictures of other areas of my interior that needed work, he was honest and said that he wouldn't want to try some of them because he didn't think they could be done.

I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to Larry for any leather services, I'm even planning on taking my furniture to him in the future. Truly a breath of fresh air in repair services, where most try to get every penny from you.

Please note that I rarely write reviews, and I wrote this at my own will with no urging or asking needed. That's how happy I was with the service.

If you're reading this, thank you again Larry!

David Y.

Not only did our old leather couch come back better looking than the day we got it, but Larry was wonderful to work with. He came and looked at the couch, explained carefully what he would do and what it would cost. It was done quickly, delivered back to us even before promised, and looks amazing. Thank you Larry!

Nina G.

Larry did an amazing job repairing chew marks on a leather ottoman caused by our puppy.  The marks are completely unnoticeable, so much so, I wasn't able to identify which area was the damaged area after a very close inspection.  Larry was also great with communication and very quick to complete the repair.  We will absolutely use his services again.

Vicki D.

Larry did a great job on my couch. Had a 2 inch x 1.5 inch spot on the cushion that had the finish completely gone with a few knicks and scratches in the leather. He was able to patch the couch back up no problem. The first weekend he came, the color match came out a bit lighter than being a perfect match. He told us to give it some time to dry and it should match. It wasn't perfect, so Larry came out again the following weekend to redo the color match and this time it was a perfect match. He definitely takes pride in his work and won't stop until you're satisfied with the results. Would use his services again.

Char L.

Emailed about four dining chairs that were peeling; Larry was very forthcoming, told me strait up that he recommended reupholstery. When I asked for a referral, he didn't hesitate to help further, even without compensation.

He's a pro and I appreciate his assistance...

George M.

Larry was absolutely great, very professional & friendly. Did a fabulous job repairing the extensive damage to my bar stools that I love. I would give him 6 stars if I could.

Relais In L.

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