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Jason did a fantastic job on a 20+ year old couch. The leather was scratched and the finish had started to wear off. He fixed the cushion zippers as well. When he was done it looked new.

Mike Turck
Jason was very courteous and professional, both during the bidding process and the repair itself. He was very thorough in explaining the process, and what he could do for us. Jason did an excellent repair on our 14 year old leather couch. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Doug Van Pelt
Jason did an unbelievably great job in restoring our two (expensive) gray reclining chairs. My Cat(s) had "thrown-up" on the seat cushion part of "both" leather chairs damaging-staining them and my wife and I thought we'd be purchasing replacements. Jason assured us that the leather was in good condition and repairs were possible In a couple of hours Jason had BOTH chairs looking almost brand new. His prices were fair and his work was excellent. No strong chemical odors at all. All his work was performed "on-site" at our place. If you've been "putting-off" getting your expensive leather furniture repaired. I'd highly recommend Jason/FIBRENEW West Des Moines. Thanks, Ed

eddie james
Fibrenew team did a great job with our sectional leather sofa and made it look brand new. The communication was professional and courteous. The quality of work is outstanding. Will recommend strongly!

Lakshmanan Krishnamoorthy
We hired Fibrenew to refurbish our 10 year old leather couch that had plenty of worn leather, discoloration, as well as sunken cushions. Jason and his assistant Sabrina expertly re-stuffed the seat backs and arms of the couch, and perfectly color-matched the leather. The end result is beautiful. It’s like we have a new couch! If you’re looking for a professional furniture restoration, we strongly recommend Fibrenew. Thanks Jason!

Todd Toulouse
Excellent service! Highly recommend.

Mary crowley
Jason did a fantastic job repairing our leather couches. He was great to work with and a reasonable price. I would do it again! Saved me thousands as I don’t need to buy new furniture now!

Tori Hanson
I was super impressed with the job Jason did on our leather couch and loveseat. Price was reasonable and work high quality. I highly recommend anyone needing leather repair to contact Jason at Fibernew.

Alisha Hutson
Jason did a great job restoring our couch! He brought it back to life for a fraction of what a new one would have cost. Professional and reliable!

Jenny, Clive
Excellent communication throughout the entire process. Great attention to detail as well. Jason was great to work with. I originally had him fix some siding for us and then I called him back after the Iowa Derecho episode. He went above and beyond to help find a solution for our house.

I would highly recommend.

Ryan Smith
My couch looks like it’s brand new!!! Thank you Fibrenew!

Dean Satre
Jason came when expected. He confirmed the meeting and did a great Job!

Randy Roth
Jason was awesome came in and made our couch like new again he was clean courteous and it looks great highly recommend fixing your furniture especially if one piece is ruined and they don’t make that brand anymore it looks like new!! Reasonably priced especially compared to if you had to buy a whole new set like we would’ve had to for things to match, for a fraction of the cost we have great looking furniture again!!

Bill Gordish
Jason is a very competent professional who quickly resolved our furniture issues.

Anthony Loween
Repairs were needed and he saved our company lots of money by fixing what could have been a lot bigger problem. Thank you! I highly recommend and will use again if needed

Chad Byerly
Our beautiful leather couch, chair and ottoman were looking pretty shabby and not very beautiful. Jason restored them to a beautiful state; I am extremely pleased with the outcome. He is professional, honest, knows what he is doing and and is good at what he does. His work is quality! I highly recommend him and Fibrenew West Des Moines!
Thank you, Jason!

Susan Strome, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Jason is professional and amazing to work with. His expertise is top notch and I would recommend him to everyone!

Jennifer Fales
Jason brought our couch back to a vibrant, showroom condition! He arrived on time, was prepared, polite and very knowledgeable. He crafted an exact, custom remedy to erase scratches and return the beautiful red color to our couch. So happy with the results! I highly recommend his in-home treatment. No hauling of furniture. Thank you, Jason, and FibreNew!

Susan Seeley
We have a large leather sectional that had a scratch and some color removed. Wasn’t exactly sure how it happened but had heard that Fibrenew was the right person to contact. I am SO happy that I did Not only were they quick to respond but professional and courteous too. He came to my house, was honest about the issue, the resolution and upfront in the cost. In 1 hour my cushion is fixed so much so that I cannot even tell where the scratch and color removal happened. It’s back to new! This gentleman and his business did amazing work. I am also now working with Fibrenew to recolor and older leather set and I can’t wait to see the results. Thanks again Fibrenew.

stephanie sturdevant
Jason did great work and we’re extremely happy with how our couch and loveseat turned out. Fibrenew saved our furniture and from us having to buy a new set.

Tim Lefler
Jason was great to work with. He was timely in his communication, thorough in his work and committed to making sure the job was done right. I would highly recommend working with Fibrenew West Des Moines.

Katie Rinehart
Great work! Great price! Great experience! Would highly recommend!

Shanee Hixson
I would give 10 stars if I could. My cat tried to ruin my sofa and love seat. The loveseat took the brunt of it with a hole all the way through the leather but he was no match for Jason. On top of everything else my furniture is not black or brown - it's powder blue. Jason did an absolutely amazing job of removing the damage and matching the color. I would definitely call him again if I needed leather repair.

Barbara Durrell
I had Fibrenew work on my leather sofa in my living room that needed attention. It was thoroughly cleaned and given a coat of conditioner. The sofa looks new! I then settled on a date later this spring for him to work on my leather seats. He does great work! I highly recommend him for any leather related jobs.

David Boelman
Jason did an excellent job on my classic Jaguar steering wheel. He is totally focused on doing whatever it takes to make the job be the best.

Rod Peterson
He was very prompt and very professional.

randy blomgren
I had sofa cushions of bonded leather that our grand puppy had scratched off the top bonded layer in many places and to varying sizes. Jason took the three cushions, had new leather sewn on the tops and dyed the new to match the bonded leather on rest of the sofa. He matched the grain/feel as well. Repaired cushions were back in less than two weeks and looked great. We have a matching loveseat that had several very tiny spots of damage as well and he fixed those in my home in just over an hour. I thought price was very fair considering I’d have had to replace both sofa and loveseat and I really liked them! Very personable and responsive as well.

I spilled a full glass of red wine on my new leather couch. It was past closing time at FiberNew, and I
left a message, hoping for a call the next day.
I received a text from Jason that evening saying he replied because I sounded distressed and he would call the next morning. The happy ending is that the part of the stain which didn’t disappear in the drying, was just totally removed by Jason.
I highly recommend both FibreNew and Jason. Excellent experience!

Kristen Nassif
I’m very impressed with Jason’s work!

Kelly, Altoona
Jason did a great job and I’m very satisfied with his work.

Joy Bowman, Altoona, Iowa
Fibrenew has saved us thousands of dollars by making cosmetic repairs to two vehicles, repairing 2 leather sofas, and multiple purses and handbags. I highly recommend them.

Lori Manderfield
Has done 3 jobs for me - a leather couch repair, a car armrest repair and leather repair on another car seat. All to perfection at a reasonable price. Jason is a pro.

Shane Goodman
I had a tear in the side of my leather driver's-side seat. I had estimates for a couple different options from a dealership and service shop that were both well over double what Fibrenew cost me. Jason came to my work location and took care of it while I worked! He was very accommodating and my seat looks great! Thanks Jason!

Meredith Justus
Jason was a pleasure to work with, he came to us to take care of the repairs which made it very convenient. we will be working with them again in the future.

Todd Theulen
Jason did an amazing job on our salon chair today!! He came right to us which was very convenient! Highly recommend!

Britni Smith
Jason recovered a treatment table for my business, Core Physical Therapy, the customer service was tremendous.

Mike Burggraaf
I was COMPLETELY blown away by Fibrenew!! I went into the repair just wanting the hole in my very, very old vinyl chair to be patched so it didn’t get any bigger, but I was left speechless after the repair was finished. Not only did Jason do that, he made the area look brand new (and he came to me to do my repair!!). I am SO excited to get many years out of my new to me old chair. As an owner of an antique furniture store I will be sending all of my customers to Jason. He is a fun guy who loves what he does and I could not have asked for a better experience! I cannot rave enough about Fibrenew. Thank you Jason!!

Emma Yori
What a fantastic job Jason did on my car seat!!! The color is an exact match, and the texture is perfect as well. If you cherish your item and need it repaired, I highly recommend JASON with FIBRENEW!!!

Kent Williams

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5 Stars
“Jason is a very competent professional who quickly resolved our furniture issues.”
- Anthony Loween

Fibrenew West Des Moines: Jason McDowell

Mobile restoration service to your home or business! Three ways to receive a repair estimate: