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I have had my vehicle for 12 yrs and needed the cream colored leather upholstery to be restored/redye. Sam did a fantastic job! The restoration couldn't have looked any better than it did when it was new. He took his time to match the color and a really nice gentleman too! He will not disappoint!



At KJ Interior Design, we wear many hats in our profession. We must have a solid team of professionals to assist us with our clients and their various furnishing needs. Whether it be restoring an heirloom piece, restuffing a chair to a client's preference, or repairing damage done by a trucking company, Fibrenew has been by my side and has been a key player in making our clients very happy. Sam is very responsive and amazing to work with. His reputation in our industry is stellar and I highly recommend him for any of your repairs or restorations.

Kim Johnson (Personal)


Sam was able to fix the tear in the leather seat of my car at a reasonable price. Thanks Sam.

Michael Diehl


An amazing company and fantastic services. My leather couch has been transformed and looks like we just bought it at Macy's furniture.

Mike Polis


Great job! I had a tear/rip on my driver's side seat. Sam did a fantastic job. I didn't realize this was a mobile service and was hesitant at first But…. We made an appointment for him to meet to repair my seat. He was prompt and courteous. Wonderful experience and very please with the work!

Mary Lee


Sam did a great and professional job and price was very reasonable. Very courteous too! Thank you!

Emily O'Hair


We have a brand new leather couch that came with a small hole that the store sent Sam to repair. I had my doubts that it would look as good as new but thought we'd try this first before other options. First impressions of Sam were good but went to great the more I watched and talked with him. Very professional and thorough in his repair process including the color matching. Honestly the repair is so good my wife couldn't find the original hole. Sam is awesome and I'm sure you will be very happy with his work!

CharlieMarti Harris


We met Sam from Fibrenew yesterday. He was Awesome. Extremely knowledgeable re: repairing/dyeing/cleaning leather/vinyl. He was very patient, kind, cordial, and professional. He did a great cleaning the beige, leather seats in my Range Rover as well. We would definitely recommend Sam and this service!!!

Roslyn Gabriel


We just had two leather chairs restored and we couldn't be happier. They now look brand new. Both chairs had shiny spots where oil from our hair had penetrated the surface and our hands had lightened areas on the leading edges of the arms. Samuel painstakingly cleaned, then matched and sprayed the color before applying two protective coats to finish his magic. He is personal and professional. I cannot recommend him and his expertise more highly.

Mark Quig-Hartman


From email dialogs to leather repair and restoration, Sam did a great job.

Car leather seat was torn through and worn in two sections.

Repair technique and color match is superb.

Thank you Sam

Anthony Ricci


Sam did a fantastic job! Unfortunately I was transporting a candle that was just blown out and the wax had not gotten solid yet. It splashed all over my leather seats and Sam was able to make it look like new! So thankful!!! He is the BEST!!

Laura Eklund


I needed Sam’s help installing leather seat covers for a new auto. Sam handled the job seamlessly and and took his time ensuring the work was masterfully completed. The work required two sessions. Sam arrived early for both appointments.
When I need any work requiring his expertise again, he is the first person I will call. He is a true professional and a real joy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Sam!!!

Richard Botkin, Granite Bay CA

I can't say enough good things about Fibernew Rocklin! Sam is very knowledgeable, professional, and does an excellent job! I had three tears on my car seats and his repairs look great and have really prevented any further damage. I highly recommend Sam and Fibernew Rocklin!

Rich Strasser


Sam was very responsive and did a beautiful job reupholstering our bar stools with better vinyl! Love them!
I definitely recommend.

Teresa Rice


Very impressive work and great service. Exceeded my expectations.

Michael Alveraz


Sam did an amazing job restoring the seats in my 18-year old suv. It was fast, affordable and a complete surprise that he was able to make it look like new without actually removing the seats and leather.

David Houston


I highly recommend Fibrenew! Sam provided great guidance for the interior leather repair on my Honda Pilot, and took the time to research the repair beforehand. He was responsive, professional, and very accommodating (he came right to my front door). He takes great care in his work and provides exceptional customer service. Thank you for your excellent work, Sam!

Beatriz Cox


Sam responded immediately and came out to my house in Granite bay. He is friendly, responsive and does great work.

Garrett Mihelich


I, Sara H. was a new customer to Fibernew Rocklin. I had inquired months before the actual service. Sam the owner was extremely kind and knowledgeable. Once I booked he was able to explain in detail the process. His diligence and effort surpass expectations. Thank you so much Fibernew for routine maintenance on my leather sofa.

Timofey Dalekorey


Sam was very professional and personable. The service and quality of the work are both great; as well as the value for money. I was definitely surprised by how well he was able to match the color of my E46 M3s interior. He took the time to explain the process and long term car procedures in order to get the most out of the leather reconditioning. I would definitely recommend Fibrenew and Sam to any car enthusiast looking to get their interior reconditioned. He is able to help with anything from cracks, tears, discoloration, etc. Thanks again Sam! I appreciate your help and great service!



Sam was great! We bought a very expensive white leather couch that had a small puncture hole when it was delivered. The furniture company (McCreery's) said they had a guy and would pay to fix it. I was very skeptical that it would work and look as good as new, especially being that it was a white couch. I am happy to say that Sam worked his magic and you'd never know anything was wrong! Super impressed and would highly recommend!!!!

Jill Hayes


Highly Recommend. I had my doubts that the cushion from my 1 year old $$$ couch could be repaired. I was prepared to buy a new cushion if necessary. The stain was human blood, (yikes, mine! long story: I'm on blood thinners and didn't realize I was bleeding) The blood had saturated several spots. Even worse were the spots that we tried to clean using YouTube as our guide.
Sam got right back to me, eventhough it was a Saturday when I reached out. We back and forthed over the weekend and got scheduled for the next week He arrived on time and did a better job than I expected. It is not perfect, but he warned me that because of the type of leather he expected about 75{07fbb23c98bd5c942eb15b36de77635f77d0182e57ef70321727a244ef69ad13}. I am super satisfied with his work and I'm sure whatever stain is left will weather into the patina of the leather because it is not shiny or highly processed.
Very grateful and would book again if needed,

Laurie Barnett, NEVADA CITY

Sam did a great job and quickly. We're very happy with his work!!

Pat Miyashiro


Great work and communication

Michele Limeberger


Sam did a fantastic job restoring a leather couch I purchased used. It looks like new. I would really recommend him. And he is great to work with.

rachel falsetti


Sam was very responsive to my needs in fixing the cushions on my leather sofa. It was a challenging job and Sam worked very hard add blending the color and fixing the damage. I highly recommend Sam for any leather repair jobs you may need

Michelle, Sacramento

Excellent and professional service. A lot of time was taken to correct our leather recliner damaged by the moving company. Color was nearly perfect. Highly recommend!

Saima C


Highly recommend Fibrenew! Sam did a wonderful job repairing the vinyl on my adjusting table. He inspected the table before starting and pointed out a couple new cracks that were developing that I hadn’t noticed. I’m glad he found those while he was there, so everything could get done at once. He matched the color perfectly and now I have many more years with my table. Thank you Fibrenew!

Victoria Schwartz, Carmichael, CA

Sam did an amazing job with my vinyl drivers seat repair. Fibrenew comes straight to your driveway and is able to give a quote on-site. Sam color matched it perfectly and did a fantastic job with the repair. Would recommend to anyone and will use again in the future.

Abi Dawson, Rocklin, Ca

I recommend Fibrenew Rocklin! A friend damaged my vinyl flooring in my RV. Sam was able to repair the tear and restore it close to it's original condition. This man performs magic! I was amazed at all the techniques that they use to restore vinyl. I didn't realize that it can be so complicated.

Sam was very professional and patient. Sam answered all my questions and eased my worries that the repair will last. There are other companies out there that also repair vinyl flooring but read complaints that the repair looks great initially but they don't last. Sam also guaranteed the work which also made me feel better.

Thanks again Fibrenew!

Sean Taka


Sam was very good about scheduling an appointment to fit into our schedule and showed up right on time. He had all the necessary tools and materials with him and took his time to do the job - especially with me asking a lot of questions several times. The color match was nearly perfect and if you didn't know where the damage was before the repair, you would have to really look from different angles to find it. I was very happy with his professionalism, willingness to put up with my questions and overall work. On top of that there is a year guarantee for the work and he reiterated several times to give him a call with any problems. I would highly recommend this service and will likely use Sam again in the future. I very economical alternative to replacing a seat cover!

Luiging R