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A New Year’s Resolution: Interior Restoration

It’s 2020! A new decade has begun. At times like this, it’s hard not to evaluate what we want for ourselves in the coming ten years. Each of us has had our share of disappointments, and we all have goals that we strive to attain. We reflect on the things we want to accomplish and improve on, which can be a positive exercise to take on, but it can also be overwhelming.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! There’s nothing worse than taking on too much, burning out, and accomplishing nothing. Instead, do something you know would better your day-to-day experience and motivate you to continue the work of self-improvement. In this respect, something worth considering is bringing your car to Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro for a full interior restoration.

Giving Your Car a Facelift: Dash, Controls  & Wheel

The dashboard, control panel, and steering wheel are the three key components spotlighted at the fore of the car’s cabin. Each serves a vital function in how the car works, which is why they are kept in front and center, easily within the driver’s grasp. They can also suffer the effects of daily use and constant interaction, perhaps one of the reasons they are regularly included in car interior restorations.

For the year 2020, bring beauty back to your car with a facelift that any celebrity would envy. At Fibrenew in Northeast Denver, we are equipped to repair, recondition, and revamp your car’s interior to a stunning luster. Not one part is left out, which is why our car interior restorations are renowned for being a step above the rest.

Dashboard: Organize & Glamorize

We all want our lives to be organized. It improves efficiency, lowers stress, and helps us to prioritize in the moment. It stands to reason, then, that this same value should extend to the time we spend in our cars, as well, which is exactly what dashboards provide.

Spanning across the footwells from door to door, the dashboard serves to hold the inner workings of the car, keeping them out of sight and tucked away for protection. As housing for the primary control panel, the dash also receives the most engagement from the driver.

Regular use comes with an expected amount of wear and tear, so it is no surprise when your once pristine car starts to show its age. Frequently handled and fully visible, the appearance scuffs, scrapes, and scratches are both inevitable and irritating. 

The dashboard is also your car’s most exposed part, positioned directly under the car’s windshield. Unless you are dutiful in using your sunshade, you run the risk of damaging the condition of your dashboard. Melting, cracking, and discoloration can all occur in varying degrees, depending on the quality of materials used in your car’s construction.

An element increasingly intrinsic to the design of modern vehicles is the role dashboards can serve in making a visual statement about the car owner. The materials, the color, the aesthetic of how it sweeps from one side of the car to the other — all of these contribute to an image that can represent and project who the person behind the wheel is and wants to be.

If the car you’re driving requires repair or refurbishment, be sure to give your dashboard the attention it deserves. The condition of your car’s most prominent feature may impress upon others a perception that does not accurately reflect how you see yourself. If that doesn’t inspire you to invest in a car interior restoration, we don’t know what will.

Control Panel: Gateway to the Soul

Keep your vision clear and stay aware of your surroundings. It is a good practice to get into, both on the road and in general. As glasses enhance your vision and meditation clears your mind of distraction, a car’s control panel helps to hone your eyes in on the most critical information pertaining to your drive.

It is, in a sense, the gateway to the soul — your car’s inner workings. It helps you to understand what is actually going on inside your vehicle so that you can better respond to whatever you encounter on the road. This paints a picture that is useful in every aspect of life: the only way we can deal with an issue is to take notice when it occurs and remedy the situation appropriately.

The control panel can be highly advanced or simplistic, depending on the design style of the car manufacturer. Designed to naturally grab the driver’s attention without distracting him from the road, the control panel plays the pivotal role of keeping the driver aware of how the car is functioning. It stands to reason, then, that this piece of your car’s interior is the one you will look at most.

When you look to check your speed or message light, you don’t want to see scratched window panels or cracked housing walls. Whether made out of plastic, chrome, or carbon-fiber, nothing cheapens the look of a car interior more than a damaged control panel.

If you receive a car interior restoration, the only thing you’ll see when you look at any of your car’s instruments is accurate information and gleaming details that enhance the way you experience the time you spend driving.

If you want to instantly improve the look and feel of your car, give the part of your car that stands out most the care and attention it deserves. No matter the degree of damages or the type of material, Northeast Denver Metro’s Fibrenew can fix the problem. With both repairs and replacements, we complete every task with elite craftsmanship, taking every detail into account.

Steering Wheel: Turning Your Life Around

An essential piece of your vehicle, the steering wheel is held forward grandly as the centerpiece of your car’s interior. It is what connects the car to the road. You wouldn’t get anywhere without it. So, when getting a car interior restoration, you would be remiss to overlook your car’s most significant feature.

There is a reason that hitting the open road has always provided a sense of freedom to the driver: the wheel gives us a sense of control of where we go in life. A powerful metaphor, yes, but there is some truth that comes out of it. The road is where we do a lot of thinking, and out of that, there comes great potential for us to find the answers to many of life’s troubles. In this way, the steering wheel of our car really can help us navigate through our lives and bring us to greater frontiers.

Don’t Skip Leg Day: Car Seats

When you get in your car, what makes you feel at home? More than likely, part of it is the way your seats fit your body like a glove. There’s something satisfying about sitting in the front seat of your own car, but over time, daily use can wear away at the feeling you initially had when you sat in it on the showroom floor. If you have noticed a decline in how snug your car seats feel, don’t despair! What once was old can be made new again, so learn what Fibrenew can do for you.

Comfort: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Whether during your daily commute or while on an extended road trip, you want to be comfortable. There’s just no reason to add any extra anxiety to the commotion of rush hour traffic. Keep a level head and practice patience with fellow drivers.

Most mistakes made on the road come from taking things too personally. Instead, crank your favorite tunes and lean back in your seat a bit. You’re going to get where you’re headed, so you might as well do it in style.

A car seat’s quality takes more into account than whether or not it’s simply made of fabric or leather (considering that whichever one is superior is, more often than not, a matter of preference). Additional factors like shape, cushion, and support, all go into making a seat work better for the driver and his passengers.

Each of these aspects contributes differently to the overall comfort a person feels when sitting inside the car. Everything from legroom to lumbar support factors in. At Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro, we are mindful to address each of these factors when performing a car interior restoration. We don’t want to simply beautify your vehicle, we want to inspire you to spend more time in it.

Damages: Learn to Do Better

Car seats are often neglected when it comes to car interior maintenance, probably because they are always underneath us. When giving your car an interior restoration, this excuse no longer holds up; once hidden behind a camouflage of familiarity, worn-in seats become strikingly apparent when they are the only part left unfinished after a fresh interior restoration.

Perhaps the seats’ conditions are even worse. After years of use, with all of the rips, slits, and cuts from transporting the different bits of your life (be they baby seats, furniture, metal artwork, or a pet llama) the car seats are no longer worn-in — they’re worn-out.

That doesn’t mean they have to remain that way. One of life’s joys is that, no matter how bad things get, we can always return things to where they’re meant to be. So, when your car seats begin sagging, fading, or deteriorating, don’t wait to have them evaluated by a professional. Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro wants to help put things back in place. Our team of seasoned personnel execute extensive examinations, establishing the exact amount of refurbishment required. From there, you are free to choose the repairs to your car in a package or piecemeal.

Doors: One Closes, Another Opens

Car doors go through plenty of abuse. They are our access in and out of the car and protect us from the outside when needed. Constant opening and closing, resting our arms against them during daily drives, and fiddling with side controls can cause scuffs and discoloration. Over time, grime from dirt and body oils gives door panels a lackluster appearance.

Built-in pockets and cup holders can harbor residue from spilt beverages and soiled takeout napkins. Do you really want to store your travel umbrella in the same compartment? Likewise, those black streaks left from kicking open the door upon arriving home after long days at the office do not give the appearance of a hard worker. Instead rests the suggestion your caretaking could improve. That isn’t true, though. You’ve been so wrapped up in everything else, you didn’t even notice how they’d changed.

Shut the door on filth and open it anew to usher in a cleaner way of living. When a passenger reaches to exit your vehicle, do you want them touching loose change that has adhered to the handle with some old chewing gum? We didn’t think so. Reach out to Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro, and each of your passengers will think she is the first to go for a ride.

Carpet: Watch Your Step

Arguably the filthiest part of your vehicle is the carpets. There are any number of things that can soil your car’s carpets. This is, after all, where everything inevitably ends up: crumbs from the drive-thru food you picked up, coffee that spilled when you took a sharp turn, receipts that slipped out of the cup holder, and the list goes on.

When walking through daily life, it is always recommended to watch where you step, so what if you’re stepping into your car? Better yet, what if someone else is? Don’t track messes around with you, and be sure to clean the ones that inevitably occur. It speaks to your character and will give you a sense of dignity, allowing you to enjoy your environment far more.

While we are all capable of performing a quick vacuum, when talking about car interior restoration, the matters being addressed typically require something a little extra. That’s where the experts at Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro come in. We are all professionally trained in restoring carpets to their initial beauty.

Cleaning & Conditioning: Wash Away the Past

A carpet’s primary purpose is to serve as a barrier between the dirt built-up on your shoes and the base floor of the car. It serves this function tremendously well: a carpet (while not as durable as high-wall floor trays) soak up water and dirt surprisingly well. This is why it is necessary to have your carpets occasionally deep cleaned with a heavy-duty shampoo that lifts residues to be scrubbed out. One of life’s greatest blessings is that, no matter how dirty things get, you can always wash them back to an initial clean state.

You could try to accomplish this from home, but consumer-grade equipment made for this is often incapable of achieving the results desired. At Fibrenew, we use state-of-the-art tools to properly saturate your carpets with cleaning products, then agitate even the worst stains out of carpet fibers. After cleaning, we condition carpets to give them more body and life, and while adding protection against future messes.

Repair & Replacement: Look to the Future

For when shampooing just isn’t enough, Fibrenew can perform material repairs that guarantees customer satisfaction. If damages are too extensive for repair to be worthwhile, our team of professionals will recommend replacement of the interior piece.

Sometimes, that’s just how life goes. The key is to not feel less of a person when asking for help. When things aren’t working how we want them to, it’s time to replace our approach with something new. This rule goes for cars just as much as it does people. If you use your vehicle for work purposes or wear high heels regularly, there is a chance you’ve worn your carpets threadbare. Likewise, moving residences can result in unexpected gashes in car materials. No matter what the reason, though, you have options in taking care of your car.

At Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro, we are fully prepared to do what is necessary for a breathtaking car interior restoration, so bring your vehicle in — no matter the condition! We will provide you with an honest assessment of what lengths an interior restoration would take and quote you a price that fairly reflects the work that needs to be done.

Start Fresh with a Car Restoration

Are you looking for a way to improve the quality of your life in 2020? There’s no need to become grandiose when setting expectations. Instead, why not start by accomplishing something you know you’ll appreciate for years to come? You can make a greater impact on how you feel by adjusting your circumstances with small choices. Who knows? It may even be the motivation you need for taking on greater challenges.

Cars are practically a second home. On average, Americans spend 18 full days driving per year (that’s roughly 8.5 hours per week)! With time like that spent in your car, you want to make it as comfortable and luxurious as you can. That’s where Fibrenew can help. Our car interior restorations cover everything you need to return your car to its former glory.

Don’t throw all your money away at the very beginning of the new decade by purchasing a new vehicle. You can achieve the same satisfaction by driving a car with a complete interior restoration. Just look at some of the high-caliber car interior restorations we’ve accomplished in our photo gallery. Reach your ideal level of comfort when you bring your car into Fibrenew in Northeast Denver Metro. We are here to restore what once was lost, so you feel like you finally found what it was you were missing. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about how you can restore that sense of pride when people notice your car on the road.


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“Thanks to James, our couch now looks like it was when we first purchased it. The quality of the restoration work was great. We also got our car seat repaired that was torn and it looks like it never existed. Thanks, James!”
- Paschal Onyewuenyi

Fibrenew Northeast Denver Metro: James Kurth

Mobile restoration service to your home or business! Three ways to receive a repair estimate: