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Ann did a wonderful job of repairing dog scratches on the seat of a leather couch.

Nancy Gade
Our daughter's car had some scuffs and marks on the rear passenger side door handle and the rear leather seats.
Ann was able to make this disappear! No way to tell where the damage was! Great, prompt service and highly recommended!

RB Nebraska
I was very pleased with the Fibrenew service member. She was efficient and gave me thorough detail of the job. I would recommend the service to anyone needing this type of repair service.

Sara Birkett, Wilber, NE
Ann recently did a quick repair to a hole in our home's vinyl siding. She was quick to respond and complete the repair. The match was perfect! I would highly recommend Ann to anyone.

Jeff Pippitt
Amazing work

Kingsley Gibbens, Lincoln, NE
Thank you for the good quality work on our sun damaged chair. It looks great!

Alisa & Mike James, Omaha, NE
Waited patiently as we were late in arriving, did a very fine job at the price quoted, and the work looks wonderful.

Charles Peek, Kearney, NE
I appreciate Fibrenew and their quality of work. They were easy to work with and professional. The results of their work was amazing and our leather furniture looks so much better.

Joan Roehrs, Lincoln, NE
Ann was quick to respond to our needs. Answered all of our questions and the repairs look amazing.

Jeff Pippitt, Wahoo, NE
Ann was so knowledgeable and exceeded our expectation in every way when she repaired the spot on our leather sofa.

Kathy Morgan, Lincoln, NE
The work was done in a timely manner. The results were amazing. My couch and chair look as good as new!

Jody Gulizia, Lincoln, NE
Great job and customer service.

Thanks so much!

Chrisine Mann, Lincoln, NE
The touch-up looked great & could not tell there was a defect to the upholstered item!

Kim Isom, Office Interiors & Design, Lincoln, NE
I was impressed with the whole deal. Ann was right on time to our appointment, she got right to work and explained what she was going to do, did the work. It really was impressive. Great job! Polite and very courtious service. I would highly recommend this service.

Jeffrey & Shelly Clark, Lincoln, NE
I had no idea a vinyl leather recliner could be repaired as it was by Ann from Fibrenew . The work was done quickly and with top quality.

Scott Marsh, Seward,ne
We purchased a leather sofa that had been marked down due to some scratches on one of the cushions. After it was delivered, we found a hole in the back and two tears on the side. We purchased it "as is" so we couldn't return it to the store. We were just sick and kicking ourselves for trying to save a little money. I emailed Ann pictures of the damages. She promptly replied and told me it was repairable and sent me a quote. We scheduled a time and she came to our home and worked her magic! We were amazed at the results. No one would ever know the sofa had any damage. Ann knows her stuff. We highly recommend Ann and Fibrenew Lincoln!

Carla Petrey, Lincoln, NE
Had blue sharpie on our leather couch! Ann did her magic and it is gone! So happy I called her! Thank You Ann!

Kenneth L Adkisson, Lincoln
Does Great Work!!

Tim Ronk
Ann can work wonders on repairing leather and vinyl. I've been able to seen many projects that she has worked on over the years, and they always look amazing and just like new. She's got a great touch, and she'll let you know if its worth repairing the item or just buying it new. She's got a great wealth of knowledge!

Gus J. Ponstingl Jr.
Ann did a wonderful job getting my leather car seats to look like new! This was truly a great gift.

Marcie Ybanez
Unbelievable results! My only regret is not contacting them to repair sooner. We tried a DIY approach that never looked right and a couple of years later we have a couch seat that looks brand new. Thank you!

Kevin Minde Stone
We purchased a new leather sofa but when it was delivered there were scuff marks and a severe scrape on one end. We couldn’t exchange for another sofa because the vendor & manufacturer were out of stock. We called Ann @ Fibrenew & she came to our house & in a little over an hour she worked her magic. We are so pleased with the results! No one would ever know the sofa had been damaged. If you have any leather damage don’t hesitate to call Fibrenew!

Cathy Cole
Ann came out to our house to fix a couple of small tears and imperfections on our living room set. She did such a great job on that, I asked her to repair some tears in our boat seats as well. She was on time, quick, efficient, and very personable. I would highly recommend using Fibrenew for any repairs you need to have done.

Shannon Neubauer
Let's start with the quality of the service. Ann provided top notch service to my car leather seat. She made me think I just bought a brand new car! It really does look that good. She is amazing. She responded to my request very quickly and provided me a quote shortly after. I was able to schedule my appointment the next day! From the comfort of my home. It doesn't get easier than that! On top of her amazing skills, Ann is very thoughtful, courteous, and super easy to work with. Highly, highly recommended!

Charleen Phan
Our dog damaged our new leather couch. Ann saved her from doom!! You cannot even see the damage! She did a wonderful job. We thank her and so does our dog. If you need a repair, Ann is the right person for it!!

Sharla Shigley
Wonderful work! I did not expect it to turn out as good as it did! But they did a wonderful job! On top of that we received very flexible service! I would use them again in a heart beat!

Elizabeth Lantz
Ann has done several repairs for me, and has always done a great job !!!

Randy Walkowiak
What a wonderful job Ann did for us today. I thought our beautiful couch was ruined forever but now it looks brand new. We have several other leather projects to get done and we WILK certainly have Fibernew restore them for us.

Tanya Reis
Couldn't be happier with the result on three items! Ann is a true professional in all aspects!

Sharon Lincoln
Wow! what difference. Didn't think it was possible, but you've made a believer out of me.

I have a leather Ethan Allen sofa, chair and ottoman set that is at least ten years old and I love it. However it was showing wear from use (and a dog) and there was a tear in the ottoman. It was looking shaggy and dated but I didn't want to replace it as it's so comfy. I googled "leather restorers" and Ann's name came up. I called and she came to give me an estimate. I agreed and she came and did a marvelous job. All three pieces look like new and I'm very pleased with her work, plus she is very nice! Thanks Ann.

My boots look awesome, just like I expected they would. A few years back Ann reconditioned a black leather coat and it still looks beautiful! Last year Ann refreshed my high heeled leather booths and they look awesome. Now these boots. I trust her with all of my leather repair needs.

I have had Ann repair furniture for me twice, due to damage from dogs and both times she has done a fabulous job! Would recommend Ann & Fibrenew anytime!

Geisler Saari
I am to grateful to Ann for the wonderful job she on our leather furniture. It was damaged from dog scratches and it now looks brand new! I highly recommend her...

Kris Faltin
I highly recommend Ann! She was able to fix the damage to our leather couch caused by cat and made it look like new! She was very professional and worked very efficiently. Arrived promptly at the time scheduled. I am so happy to have our couch looking nice again! Thank you Ann!!!

Carin M.
The repair work was exceptional. Looks better than new. Thanks for coming and making the work look new. Ken!

Impressive expertise & highly experienced. Ann and her team are the most knowledgeable and helpful repair specialists I could find. Highly recommend

First American
I hired Ann to repair a leather sofa that had damage from pets. She was meticulous and worked very hard to restore the look of the sofa. She genuinely cares about her work. I would highly recommend her if you need any type of leather repair.

Lori B.
I hired Fibrenew to repair some damage from cat claws to our leather sectional. Ann came over and worked very meticulously until the sectional looked like new. I would recommend  Fibre New to anyone looking to restore the look of their leather furniture or other items.

Lori B.
Ann can work magic on damaged leather and vinyl. After having seen multiple projects that she has worked on, each one has looked like new again and you wouldn't know it was ever damaged!

Ian Moreland
The vinyl on my arm rest in my car was coming off. After I was told that a new arm rest would need to be ordered from Japan and was going to be expensive I contacted Ann. The repair job she did was amazing! She came to my work site and was finished in no time. Thanks Ann for the wonderful job and I will definitely keep your card handy for my next project.

Bradford Mcclure
Ann at Fibrenew does amazing work! She repaired a hole in the seat of my John Deere Gator and it is hard to tell that the hole was ever there. Thanks Ann!!!

Bob Johnson
My leather living room set was about to be replaced because my new puppy thought it was a great place to dig and chew. The seat cushions looked like they were almost scratched through and a corner of the vinyl on the my couch was chewed off. Ann transformed my couch, loveseat and recliner back to what it all used to look like when it was new! I just saved about $4000 by not having to replace my furniture. Ann is awesome! My friends will sure hear about this! Thanks so much!

There was a good size area on my leather couch that was rough and discolored. (Mainly due to my poor attempts to clean it!) Ann came to my house in Lincoln right on time and did an excellent job! I'm recommending her to all my friends who have need for leather repairs.

What a great job! The leather Driver's Seat in my 2005 Crossfire looks like brand new! If anyone is even remotely thinking about having Ann repair your leather seats in your car....DON'T WAIT!!

Luciano Malone
Thanks, Ann! The job you did was fantastic! I am so glad I called you. I highly recommend you to anyone who has a problem with vinyl or plastic. Wonderful job!

Steve Speichinger
We have a cat with sharp claws and had some holes punched in a newer leather sofa. I hired Fibrenew to see if they could fix it and they did a great job. The visible holes were gone. I'd recommend Fibrenew to anyone needing leather repair.

Lori McGinnis Black
We have a new puppy that decided he was hungry for our new leather sectional and chewed out the corner of our couch including the cotton stuffing. I had friends over the day after Fibrenew repaired it and they couldn't find the corner that was looks like new...will be definitely using this company again.

Jenny M

The repair waork was exceptional. Looks better than new. Thanks for coming and making the work look new. Ken

Ken VanCleave, Lincoln, NE
I have used Fibrenew multiple times for interior vehicle trim repairs at my body shop and have always had good service and quality work. I recommend them often when people ask about leather and plastic repair.

Todd Speidell
Anne at Fibrenew will blow your mind with her skill. I had a leather and wood recliner that I got from my grandfather, I honestly figured it had no shot . But Anne assured me that she could get it looking like new again. Much to my amazement she delivered and I type this as I sit in the comfort of Grandpas chair. Totally worth it considering they don't build chairs like this anymore

Jeremy Johnson
Ann with Fibrenew does great work! After seeing some of the items before and after over the years that she has worked on, I was very impressed! Before you trash your leather, vinyl or plastic products give Ann a call!

Ian Moreland
Ann does a great job repairing leather and even plastic trim panels.  We use Fibrenew to repair door trim panels and she always gets good texture and color match.

Todd S.
We have a 20-yr old turquoise-green sofa and loveseat set from Ethan Alllen. The set is in a high use area in our house, and after providing comfortable daily use, one of the cushions on the loveseat wore completely through. Ann came to our home and initially recommended that we have the leather on the one cushion replaced and once we had that done, she would be able to dye everything to match. When we met with her, we were two weeks out from hosting a shower in honor of our future daughter-in-law, so I asked if she could fix the loveseat enough to hold up and look nice for the party. Oh my word! My husband had a tough time showing me where the original tear was, it was repaired so well! And the color match was remarkable! We will take Ann's advice about replacing the leather and ask her to come back and touch up everything. After seeing what a beautiful job she did just to "patch" up the worn cushions temporarily, I won't worry about the color of the replacement leather not matching. Anyone who has pigment dyed leather knows that it fades and ages to a different color from how it started. Ann clearly has an eye for color matching and I have confidence she'll be able to restore the set to last another 20 years without looking "off". Thank you, Ann! We'll be back in touch soon!

Selma Kessler

Our leather sectional was showing wear in the area we always sit. After Ann worked her magic it looks brand new. I would highly recommend Fibrenew.

Denise Spry, Lincoln, NE 68506

Great service and great work. Would work with them in the future.

The cushions and arms on my leather sectional and recliner were showing a lot of wear. I love the set and wanted to keep it, and I'm so glad I learned about Fibrenew!

Ann came to my house and four hours later, my leather sectional and recliner look as beautiful as they did the day I bought them seven years ago.

I highly recommend Fibrenew and Ann!

Renee DeSmet, Omaha, NE
We have a very large teal green leather sectional that is perfect for our room. After years of wear the leather has worn to the point where were felt we had to get a new sectional. After shopping everywhere, not only could we not find anything comparable, but it was hugely expensive.

I heard you could renew leather so I went on line to research. I found Fibrenew and thought I'd give it a try. Boy was I amazed at the wonderful job Ann did! Not only does our leather sectional look brand new, but the color is perfect. Ann was wonderful to work with, the price was reasonable and she even followed up with a referral for other services I mentioned I needed.

I HIGHLY recommend Fibrenew! I will definitely tell all my friends about them and use their services again. Thanks Ann!

Diane Z., Omaha, NE
One of our cleaning teams had damaged a customer's leather trunk. We had another service attempt to fix the damage but they just made it worse. We called Fibrenew and Ann came in, assessed the problem and went straight to work. The other repair made more of a mess than a fix - but Ann was able to work with what she had and when she was finished it was almost like new.
We found Ann to be highly professional - skilled at her craft and a great person to do business with. You can believe that we will use Fibrenew Lincoln whenever necessary and will refer our friends and clients there too. Good value - great service - what more could you ask for?

Cathy Tichy, President, Molly Maid of Central Omaha/CB, Omaha, NE
Thanks Ann for the great job you did on my leather jacket, I figured there was no hope for it and I would just deal with the fading. It was over $600.00 new, and I really didn't feel like buying another one since it was not wore out but just faded. You made it look like new again and saved me tons of money. I do and will continue to refer all the people I know to do business with you and experience your exceptional work and service.
Thanks again
Jack Russell

Jack Russell, Farm Bureau Financial Services, Lincoln, NE


5 Stars
“Anne at Fibrenew will blow your mind with her skill. I had a leather and wood recliner that I got from my grandfather, I honestly figured it had no shot . But Anne assured me that she could get it looking like new again. Much to my amazement she delivered and I type this as I sit in the comfort of Grandpas chair. Totally worth it considering they don't build chairs like this anymore”
- Jeremy Johnson

Fibrenew Lincoln: Ann and Pat Benes

Mobile restoration service to your home or business! Three ways to receive a repair estimate: