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Not only was Pete knowledgeable, he explained every step clearly
We couldn't have been any more pleased.

Nancy D


Great experience with Pete, excellent work at an affordable price. Very happy!!

Scott Johnson


Great experience from start to finish, I was told up front what to expect and that was exactly what we received! We will use this company for all leather issues going forward. Thank you!

Gary Smith


Absolutely amazing job!!! Looks 100% natural!!!

Eric Reddington


Pete did a fantastic job repairing our leather couch today. After a chemical spill on the cushion, he was able to restore it to like new condition. Pete was very professional and I would use him again.
Thanks Pete!

Giselle Vaughn


Had a difficult color match on an I want you to the guitar valuable old Porsche.
Really took the time to make it match.
Did an amazing job. Highly recommended

Mark Laine


Pete is absolutely wonderful and I have been so happy with the few times he has cleaned different pieces of our furniture. He is friendly, professional and goes above and beyond to make sure we are always happy with the service he provides. I can't recommend him enough.

Erica Armstrong


Pete did a great job! Fixed a tear and some scratches and dash looks good as new!

Adam Pfizenmayer


Mr. Pete made the interior of My car driver's seat look BRAND new. THANK YOU MR. PETE️

Tonya Yvette Walker Kidd


Pete was a true professional. He was knowledgeable about his craft and walked me through the process. I would definitely recommend Pete to family and friends!

Chris Hodges Jr


Pete did an impressive job. Price was reasonable. Highly recommended by me.

mreis1962 Reis


Mr. Scudder did a fantastic job on our recliner's repair. Not only were the springs fixed and good as new, but Pete also was able to touch up some blemishes on the leather. Now I know where to go for quality furniture/leather repairs.

Jeff Oakes

before & after pic

Pete did an amazing job. I can no longer see any of the cat scratches.

Carla Craley, Goshen OH

Excellent job fixing our leather couch and repairing areas in my husband's car. Looks brand new, highly recommend!

Christa Chilelli


Pete in Cincinnati did a great job! It was a beautiful fix to a nasty toyota Camry dashboard scar! We couldn't be happier!

Anne Klaber


Pete did a great job! Friendly and great service!

Tommy Smith


Pete did an excellent job. Very patient to make sure I was satisfied.

Gregory Bruns


Great workmanship

Tom Ziegler


Pete was a pleasure to work with and did a great job matching the color of our leather sofa. I will definitely call again and recommend him to my friends.

Ron Honick


Pete is very professional. The estimate came soon after he looked at the chairs. He was on time , did the job he told us he would and cleaned up. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him

marsha barsman


Couldn't be happier! Pete worked with me to make sure we prepped the headspot on our leather sofa correctly so the repair would take. He arrived on time and was careful to protect everything around where he was working. He took extra time to ensure that the color matched just right and was pleasant to chat with all the while. I'll definitely call again!

Ron Honick, Maineville, OH

Did my seats in my 2007 Solara..beautiful job...Pete does great job!!!



Had 20 restaurant quality chairs, refinished. We changed the leather color and they look terrific saved me over 50% on replacement cost of new chairs. Pete was professional and timely.

Mario Nocero


Pete does incredible work. He repaired a car seat for me and it looks new. I would definitely recommend you call him for any leather, vinyl and plastic repairs.

Robert Nally


Excellent work! Our 15 year old leather couch looks and feels brand new!

Liz Jensen


Pete came yesterday to restore our 2 leather couches which are 10 years old. He did a great job matching the color and making them look like new! There were several areas that were really worn and I was amazed he was able to make them look so good! My husband and I are both very happy with his work and highly recommend him! He is also a very nice guy.

Carol Barnes


Pete was professional, responsive and did an amazing job. I never imagined the pieces would look better than new!

Donna Richter


Pete at. Fibernew has done 2 cars for me and both car he did a fantastic job on. I couldn't ask for anything better he does great work

Ron Fowler


Pete came out and fixed a couple threads that had popped out from our couch and recliner. He arrived on time and was very knowledgeable. Great work and fair pricing. Highly recommend.

D Vice


Had a tear in leather seat the company came out one did the repair in which you can barly see where the damage was. Very professional and prompt.

Joseph Williams


We had a 16 year old American Leather couch that I loved but the dye on the leather had wear spots on it where my husband sits. The seat cushions had fairly significant compression in them too. Pete was able to match the die on them perfectly and replace the foam on the seat pans so that they look brand new. It's like we have a brand new couch. I would have had him re-stuff the back of my couch cushions but he made a suggestion of how I could try to DIY and it worked! I am sure that saved me several hundreds of dollars. I can't say enough good things about his work and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Alison McKinnon


Pete showed up on time and fixed the couch far beyond our expectations. He even saved us a little money by giving us options on how to do so. Extremely nice guy and very good at what he does. I recommend Fibranew to anyone needing this kind of repair.

Wyatt Burdine


Great job, you would never know the tear was ever there!!

Tom Rohrscheib



[email protected], California,ky.

Pete came when he said he would, asked questions so he could get the job done right, didnt leave a mess and of all my piece looks brand new!

Shannon White


Pete was very professional and did an excellent job. I had a hole in my Corvette seat. You can not tell it was ever there! I would recommend him to everyone!!!!

Bonita Bowling


Pete responded to my inquiry in the same day and scheduled the repair shortly after. I was amazed with the quality of the repair. He made my chair look brand new. Highly recommend

Matt Good


My new navy blue leather loveseat suffered extensive damage being moved from the store to storage and then to my apartment by the same movers. I sent Pete a few pictures of the damage and he came out to throughly examine the loveseat finding more damage. He was able to make the necessary repairs in a very timely matter and return my sofa to like new condition. He also provided me with before and after pictures for my records. I highly recommend Pete from Fibrenew for any furniture repairs.

Lillian Willis


Pete was a total professional! He got right back to me after my web inquiry and we arranged to have him come out within two days. Once he started to the work on my wife's backseat, he noticed some more damage that I hadn't seen and took care of those for a nominal charge. I highly recommend his service!

Brian Garry


Brand new again! Pete turned our 6 year pontoon, always left uncovered into what looks like a brand new boat. I can't recommend the service enough. Extremely fair pricing and even better service. Will use again as needed!

Josh Green


I couldn't be more pleased with Pete! He did an excellent job repairing a burn hole in my saddle brown leather seat. You cannot even tell it was there! On top of the great service and quality job, Pete was very personable. Pete was quick to ask about what I did for a living, when I said I did color management, we connected, because a lot of what he does is color matching. After looking at the finished job, we nerded out a bit talking about his approach to achieving a good color match on my leather! He even let me look at his equipment–spectrocolorimeter included (I.e, device that measures color)! I would highly recommend Pete's service!

Kristen Olberding


Excellent work done by Pete. Very happy with the way all our boat seats turned out. Definitely recommend Fibrenew (Pete) for all your repairs.

Lisa Gonzalez

before & after pic

Pete did a wonderful job relating two areas damaged on my Pontoon upholstery that were cut pulling a wake board back into the boat. He was on time and very professional.

Jeff Litmer

Jeff Litmer, Fort Thomas Ky

before & after pic

After 200,000 miles on my Nissan Altima, the leather on my steering wheel and gear shift had some serious wear. Pete did an amazing job restoring both. He was prompt, very gracious and takes a lot of pride in his work. Highly recommended!

Michael, Loveland, OH

Pete, what an Amazing find googling. We surely thought our furniture paid it's dues with dog and family abuse. This was a big request and you showed your talent professionally and timely right in our home. It looks brand new. You are amazing and we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend you.

Kathy & Tom Barrows

Kathy & Tom Barrows, Cincinnati, Oh. 45244

before & after pic

Pete from Fibrenew is amazing. He rescued two of my leather recliners. My brown leather recliner was badly damaged my a dog scratching on the seat cushion. I didn't think it could be repaired but Pete Scudder worked magic on the cushion and the damage cannot be seen. He is very professional and I would recommend him for all leather or vinyl repairs.

Phil Schott, Cincinnati

before & after pic

Pete, we could not be happier with the job you did on our leather couch. It was done professionally and with no mess.

Chip and Susan Hunter

Chip and Susan Hunter, Southgate, KY

before & after picbefore & after pic

First meet Pete when I had him refresh my refrigerator handles that had turned yellow from years of improper cleaning. I have been so happy with them I called him back to redye my 2 leather side chairs. I changed the color slightly in the process we discovered the frame was broken and he was able to repair that as well. The chairs look brand new and will not need replaced.
I couldn't recommend him any higher. Very prompt and friendly service.

Michele, Loveland, OH

before & after pic

I have matching 5 year old leather sofas and I didn't rotate them as I should have. The sofas were chocolate brown but the worn sofa had large areas that were orange thanks to daily wear and a 70 pound bull dog named Watson. Pete got my sofas back to matching - I have 2 chocolate brown sofas again. And he did it with Watson standing around slobbering on him! Thanks, Pete. My husband no longer wants to unload the leather sofas in favor of bean bag chairs the dog can't ruin. We'll use Pete again - he does car interiors, too!


before & after picbefore & after pic

I have had a nice Bernhardt Leather Sofa set in my basement that we used every day for almost 10 years. The leather was worn out in some areas to a point that the color was faded, and the texture was rough. My daughter asked if we would give it to her, which was fine, but I wanted it to look nice so she can enjoy it for a few more years. I called Pete to see if he can give it a face left and restore the faded rough areas.
Pete has done a magnificent job on it to a point that now we can’t see the areas that needed restoration. He took his time to ensure that we are satisfied with the work. He also decided to come back after a couple of days to see if further work was needed. When my daughter and her husband sow it, they could not tell either which areas were repaired and they were so excited.
Pete: Thank you so much for the EXELLENT work.

Amal Genaidy, Montgomery, OH

before & after pic

After re-stitching a seam and repairing several crumbing creases, Pete made the vinyl seat in my 1964 IH pick-up truck look brand new! Thanks for a great job Pete! I highly recommend Pete for your repair and reconditioning needs!

Michael Dubbert, Cincinnati, Ohio

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