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Valued Customer Reviews

It’s all about seeing a smile on our customer’s face after each job is completed!

Below is a small sample of what some of our clients have shared about their experience with Fibrenew
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They took an old Rendova set of seats and made them look new!

Trevin Anderson


Great job restoring leather worn cracked drivers seat(s),,,,,Looks brand new.

Joe B


Great quality work at a fair price, super professional! Highly recommend them.

A Archer


Mike is fantastic. We had a pair of leather chairs that over the years have developed a “stickiness” that we could never clean away. Mike took one of the cushions with him and experimented with different solutions to remove the stickiness of the leather. He finally found the right solution - brought the cushion back, asking us to see how it feels and looks for a week. He did all this without charging us anything. Once we all agreed that the fix worked he came to our home and treated the entire chairs.
Mike is professional, punctual, reliable and very knowledgeable on all things leather.
Will definitely give him a call next time we need to recondition or repair any leather furniture.

Adriana Neagu


Michael did a great job on my couch. It was probably around a $4500 couch new. It was in storage for awhile and I did a poor job maintaining the leather even before. It was dry, not cracked but worn and "white" in the heavily used seats. Michael brought it back to the nice dark brown that it originally was and now I feel good about it every time I sit down on it or have guests over. Thanks, Michael.

Dana Uyeta


I have utilized Fibrenew of Bellevue/Eastside multiple times now and have been highly satisfied with the work! Mike Beechinor has been prompt, professional, and clear in what the options are for the repair of the items in my home. I recommend Fibrenew to anyone looking for repair or restoration of things like leather or fabric couches, car interiors, and outside vinyl damage.

Kelly Hay


Wow. My sweet but annoying dog scratched up and punctured a hole in my leather sofa. Fibrenew fixed it! I was not ready to buy a new sofa and they just extended the life of it. Worth every penny.

Susan Steckler


Hired Fibrenew to fix a cracked dash in my Dodge pick up. Excellent job. Also had him repair the arm of a leather couch that was badly worn. Can not tell it was ever in bad shape. Perfect job. Highly recommend.

William Rehfield


The repair is perfect. So glad my leather chair is no longer unsightly and can be used for many more years.

Debbie Willis


We are overwhelming grateful to Fibrenew of Bellevue for restoring our two beautiful leather chairs to their original color and texture. We called on them when we realized both chairs had water stains that we couldn't renew. They were in very bad shape and we were sick about it. However, when Fibrenew came to get them, they said they were quite sure they could restore them and they DID! We are so thankful to have our beautiful chairs back. Thanks to Fibrenew!

Michele Williams


Broken stitching repaired quickly. Almost like new

Jim Bafus


Professional, courteous, proficient, and mobile! I had some booths upholstered and they look awesome and was done with quality craftmanship, you wont regret it!

Jae Ahrens


Excellent service and attention to detail! Thank you

Ashley Kelly


My leather chair looks better now than it did new!
Great attention to detail.

david liddle


Amazing work on my Porsche 968 drivers seat. Price was very reasonable for restoration and I still can't believe the quality of work. I had this done several months ago and the repairs have held up well. I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone that needs to restore a seat.

Vegas Wheeling


Mike was on time, personable, knowledgeable and informative. He warned me ahead of time what to expect and the limitations of the process on my furniture.

Cindi Smith


I had poked a couple holes in the leather seat of my car years ago. I ignored it for awhile but it started to bug me. I went to a couple of upholstery repair places before I discovered Mike and Fibrenew. He asked what my expectations for the repair were, and when I told him I just wanted the holes gone and the repair to be not too noticeable. Mike did a great job for half the price of the other quotes I received. If you look closely you can tell there has been some work done, but few people would ever look that close and it looks 100% better than it did before. I would recommend his work without question.

alan christensen


Fibrenew is great! Some bright red sauce from Chinese take out spilled on the light gray driver's seat of our Subaru Forester. My efforts barely made a difference. We called Fibrenew. Their representative came to our house within three days. It was very convenient. The rep was courteous, neat and very pleasant to deal with. The stain was completely removed within a few hours at a reasonable cost. He also cleaned the rest of the car seats, all of which now look brand new. We would definitely use Fibrenew again. Apparently they do more upholstery than car seats. Good to know!

Madeline Sten


Fibrenew did an outstanding job on my leather head-post and foot-post for my master bed

Ken Bell


The work was so well done we can't see the mark...our sofa looks new. I would highly recommend this company

Sharon Loosmore


Quick response with great recommendation. Even though I choose other option, I am impressed by the thoughtful response.

Vincent Z


Mike does a great job. Very professional and the mobile service is a plus!

Lisa Larson


Damage to leather arm rest in vehicle was restored to absolute perfect condition. Puppy had chewed a hole in the arm rest. I was astounded what a beautiful job Fibrenew did to restore the arm rest to mint condition. Highly recommend using them!

Eileen Skirball


I've known Mike for several years and can highly recommend his work - he does an outstanding job.

Crash Flakenberger


Great work on an old vinyl seat that gets a lot of sitting upon!

Don McWhirter


Used them a few years ago and their fix for torn leather corners on two chairs is holding up extremely well. We would recommend them to anyone needing leather work repairs!



There were a couple of gouges in top curve area of the left passenger door. We were informed that this was expected to not be a perfect pattern match. It still exceeded my expectations. The color match was perfect, but not unnoticeable. Passengers sitting on the left side of the car notice the pattern difference. It looks much better than the gouges that were there before. They were very professional and the work was completed on time.

Bob Metzler


Excellent repair technique that matched the color and texture exactly that we cannot even tell where the damage was done! Best service on both repair occasions. Highly recommended!

Terri Hagenmayer


High Quality and convenience
Highly recommend this company-:)

Margaret “Gosia” Reade


There were two different leather repairs that needed attention. One was a tear in the seat of a chaise and the other was a severely cracked seat of a dining chair which was complicated by the fact it was chartreuse! Fibrenew's wizardry repaired them both to near new status, even matching the lime green. I was beyond impressed, highly recommended both for skill and value.

Carolyn Pierce-Dyer


Very professional and prompt, Mike drove all the way to Leavenworth for a repair that turned out amazing!

Sydney Groen


Great workmanship and detail work. Highly recommend Fibrenew Bellevue.

Stephanie Kim


Fibrenew replaced the Driver's side seat covers of my Lexus. They did a great job and the new covers look great. I can't be more pleased every time I get in the car. I would highly refer them.

Laura westlund


Mike did a great job refurbishing my all leather furniture! My rustic rawhide pieces were showing wear but I still loved the quality and style. He brought back the deep rustic brown that had faded over the years. He also repaired some small areas. Very pleased! Great price too. It would have been over 15,000.00 to replace my pieces. Highly recommend!

Kathy G


Great service and high quality

Lin Lin


The seat of my kitchen nook was in bad shape after many years of use. I was planning on getting it recovered but I have a grandson that is quite hard on that piece so I wanted to wait until he was a bit older. I called Fibrenew and was so surprised at the amazing job they did. The seat looked like new. You can't even tell where the rips & worn spots were. I now feel comfortable waiting a few years until I get it recovered. Thank you Fibrenew.

Linda Bentler


Amazing restoration of our Jaguar leather seats. Absolutely good as new.

Owner Incite-Response


Great, ethical company. Will definitely work with Fibrenew again!

Margaret Warner-Lubin


Very nice work on our aircraft seats brough back ro life for some more years of use before needing replacement. Vet happy with the work done saved a lot of money.

Panama R


Outstanding service and quality.

Sean Miller


Totally honest person regarding our problem and explained the problem and odds of fixing it.Would use him again and recommend him.

Dennis Bloch


Mike took time to write why I should not spend money fixing my couch because of upfront costs and possibility for future tears. Though I did not end up using his services, I'm now his customer for any future restoration need.

Chanks Arumugam


I was about to give this chair away because of its condition, but Brian took our 20+ year old leather chair and made it look brand new again. It was worn out, scratched and stained, and he worked his magic on it. Cleaning it and re-staining it. He actually recaptured the original Ethan Allen color. This chair will give us another 20 years of use now. I couldn't be more pleased with his work.

Elizabeth Boyle


Brian is the man to get the job done. Amazing results and great service. Highly recommend and worth every penny!

tepkosal tan


Great rehab of designer chair .

Donna Porter


Mike did an excellent job restorig my 29 year old woven leather dining chairs. When they were done, they looked like new. He listened carefully to what I wanted and finished them in the time he predicted. His price was also lower than his competitors. I highly recommend him.

Phyllis Herzog


Great experience with Fibrenew! We got the work done that we needed on time and done well. 10/10 would use when needed again.

Andy Montgomery


I highly recommend Fibrenew of Bellevue/Eastside.

I searched all over for an in-home repair to a love seat for my in-laws. I found Fibrenew, contacted them via an email with a photo of the damage. I received a response that evening stating they could fix it. Their quote was very fair and the repairs were completed in the next couple of days.

The love seat looks awesome.

Even better, they followed up with a phone call to me making sure my in-laws were happy with the repairs.

Great Company!!!!

Dick Matkin


Absolutely amazing work! Repaired sun-dried, cracked vinyl on my car door to look like new. Professional, timely with an emphasis on quality. Will use Fibrenew again without hesitation

kevin beechinor


Good follow-up, value, and friendly.

Shawna Sherman


When rats (!) chewed a hole in my leather love seat and Christmas fast approaching, Mike came to the rescue with a repair and color match that couldn't be beat!

Jody Loper


awesome work. He has fixed a number of leather furniture pieces on my RV's. I am always happy with it.

Randall Jeremiah


WOW, the leather looking like new. I had no idea the restoration was such and art. Mike spent the day with us restoring leather chairs and stools. I couldn't be more pleased. I would recommend to anyone.

Christopher D'Agostino


I'm revising my review of a month ago. Upon learning that I was not satisfied with the repair, Mike immediately got in touch with me and came out to my house twice to completely re-do the job. The new repair looks much better. Given the original cost of the repair compared with the alternate options which would have been available for fixing the car seat, and Mike's willingness to do what was required to do it right, I would say you should try this repair before taking any other, likely more costly, alternatives.

Ali Siahpush


This company is AWESOME!!! Did more than I could have imagined! Wow!

vickie leisy


Great service and outstanding results!

Felicia Hoskins


Brian Hepler of Fibrenew Bellevue beautifully restored our leather sofa. It looks brand new. He also showed us how to avoid causing damaging wear in the future. When we found one small area that still showed some wear, Brian came over and fixed it perfectly. He does excellent, skillful work matching colors and repairing damage. We can't recommend him highly enough.

Judy G


They came out and stitched two buttons back onto my Pottery Barn leather chesterfield sofa.

Heather M


Very knowledgeable and fair in how they work. I highly recommend

s joshua brincko


My car was taken care of in a heartbeat and he did such a good job on my leather. You can barely tell at all that anything happened to it. I highly recommend. Such great customer service too.

Colby S.

Tim McBride did an excellent job repairing our love seat. His response time in scheduling an appointment for the repair was fast, his work was terrific and his price for the repair was very fair.
I highly recommend Fibernew!

Richard M.

Mike made 30 year old woven leather chair look like new. He was responsive and prompt. We highly recommend him.

Phyllis H.

Amazing results. Seats look like brand new.

David M.

Good job on my leather jacket and leather couch! Highly recommend.

Angie V.

On time. Friendly. Did an excellent job. Coming back shortly to repair a couch.

William R.

Mike was very nice, he answered all my questions about the seat repair process and the repair itself looks good. Thanks Mike

Raymond L.

Excellent service, extremely professional and prompt. The repair is flawless.

Robin S.

Mike is truly "the Leather Doctor" he infused new life into my favored 30 year swivel recliner.  My chair now looks great again and is still as comfortable as ever.  Luckily found Mike's business via a referral while we were considering upholstery or Goodwill - we got to keep our treasure for a fraction of replacement cost.  Mike is very easy and pleasent to work with - I took my chair to Mike's home business while we did remodeling at our home.
Thanks for your great service!
Poul P.

Poul P.