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Protecting Your Furniture and Car Interiors From Pets

Denverites love their pets, but when it comes to the furniture in their home or the upholstery or leather in their car, it can be quite the challenge to keep everything clean and free of hair. And over time, whether it’s the sofa in the living room or the front seat of your car, the color of the material can fade or change as it gets dirty, nails can scratch the surface, pets can chew on the corners, or they can even leave a smelly mess at times. Furniture, and obviously your car, are not easily replaceable items, so what can you do about dirty furniture and other surfaces? Prevention is key to ensuring your furniture and vehicle’s interior are kept as clean as possible. If it’s too late and you’re struggling to clean stains, remove scratches, or more, the team at Fibrenew are your residential upholstery repair experts. Located in Denver, we offer upholstery and leather restoration services to the surrounding areas and make many items and materials look as good as new. But again, prevention is key. So, here are our top tips for keeping upholstery and leather clean, especially with pets.

Keep Them Covered

If you have an image of a brownish-orange floral couch with a thick layer of plastic over it, don’t freak out. Modern furniture covers are often made of durable, fashionable fabric that can easily be put on and taken off for washing or for when guests are over and you want to actually enjoy the furniture. The same goes for vehicle interiors. Covers are inexpensive and low-effort options that are great at protecting car seats. You can still go into the mountains and let your pets trudge through the mud without worrying about spending hours on cleaning the interior of the car.

Keep a Towel in the Car

For those who have read the classic book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you will have an appreciation for this tip. Having a towel on hand is one of the best survival tips anyone could get. If you happen to go on a hike, your dog takes a dip in a lake, or jumps in a puddle, a clean towel in the trunk of your car could save the day. Drape it over the car seat and hope that they don’t decide to shake off excess water while they’re in the car.

Choose Pet-Friendly Materials 

Leather, canvas, microfibers, or outdoor fabrics are great choices when you have a pet and want materials that can be easily cleaned. Leather is easy to clean, fairly easy to maintain, and resists odors better than other materials. Microfiber is great for durability if your pet tends to have longer nails or likes to chew.

Keep up With Grooming

It’s definitely frustrating finding a pile of dog hair on the couch right after you cleaned the entire house. But keeping up with washing and brushing can minimize the amount of dog hair that is shed. Try to keep their nails trimmed as much as possible as well, which will help reduce the risk of scratches or tears in the upholstery. If you have a pet that is afraid of nail clippers, consider purchasing a dremel tool or use a nail file to soften nail edges. If scratches or holes in the material develop, Fibrenew offers residential upholstery repair services that can help, depending on the severity of the scratch or hole.

Use the Same Entry

With the weather in Denver getting colder, it means more rain, mud, a messy dog, and a messy entryway. Try to make it a habit of using the same entry into your home and keep a towel at the door to quickly wipe dirty paws. When your dog is dirty and wet after a walk, keep them off the couch until they have been given a rinse and have dried off.

Invest in a Dog Bed

There’s no doubt that cuddling up with your dog on the couch is one of the best things in life, but having clean furniture is a close second. A nice, cozy dog bed will give them somewhere they can call home and you can keep your furniture looking new for as long as possible. There are plenty of dog bed options that are made with sturdy material that will remain soft and plush for a long time. We want to take our pets everywhere we go, but that means their paws pick up everything they walk on, which can transfer to your furniture or car seats. If you are in need of residential upholstery repair, leather restoration or car upholstery repair, you can count on the experts at Fibrenew in Denver. We have the experience and the equipment necessary to restore a variety of materials on furniture, car seats, boats, motorcycles, and more. Upholstery repair can save a great piece of furniture and restore a car to its prior glory with affordable prices from Fibrenew. Contact us today for an estimate.


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Fibrenew Northeast Denver Metro Customer Reviews

5 Stars

My front driver's seat was tearing on the side and I thought it would be a total loss and I did not want to go to the dealership to get it repaired. I then went on-line and found Fibrenew and even looked at the BBB to see their rating and liked what I saw and was thrilled they could come to me without leaving my car for days for repairs. I love the work James Kurth did. The front seat repair to my Subaru looks brand new like nothing happened. I am so happy.

- Lorae Jenson

Fibrenew Northeast Denver Metro: James Kurth

Mobile restoration service to your home or business! Three ways to receive a repair estimate: