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6 Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Car


one of the more frustrating things in life is knowing that when you sell your car to a dealer, that you won’t get the true value for it — dealerships have fees, they subtract the cost to professionally clean it, list it, etc. so, the other option is to sell it on your own. however, selling your car on your own means that you need to do what you can to get the vehicle looking its best, which can increase the resale value. while you can’t do anything about the mileage or year of the vehicle, there are a variety of inexpensive things that can be done to get the car back in shape and ready to be put up for sale, from getting the car’s upholstery repaired, getting it waxed, or updating the tires. learn what else you can do and contact the team at fibrenew, your leather and upholstery repair experts.

how to increase the value of your car

keep it covered

denver residents are no strangers to hail storms and some car owners are doomed to live in fear of being caught in a storm. if you are ever stuck in a hail storm, try your best to park the car below an overpass, at a gas station, or in a parking lot with a covered roof. when at home, if you have a garage or carpark, make it a habit of always parking in the garage where your car will be safe from damaging hail. or at least pay attention to the weather so you can pull it in ahead of time. hail can be expensive to repair and does not make a great first impression when trying to sell the vehicle.

get it waxed

everyone loves a bright and shiny vehicle. if you have the time and the materials, spend an hour or two waxing on and waxing off so the color of the vehicle will really shine through. a wax job will help protect against scratches, make it easier to clean in between car washes, and will help attract buyers.

replace the headlights

the inside of the headlights are one of the trickiest spots on the car to clean, but the hood of the car is one of the areas that gets the most attention from potential buyers. give buyers peace of mind knowing that their lights will shine bright at night with clean headlight covers (inside and out) and new light bulbs. if you’re going the diy route, avoid using window cleaners because these products aren’t designed for vehicles.

get the inside detailed

if you have pets, dirty shoes that spread dirt on the mats, messy eaters have left spills and stains on the upholstery, or even smoke burns, car upholstery repair and a good detailing will go a long way in helping increase the value of the car. if you have just one project done by a professional, this is the project. it takes time, attention to detail, and the right equipment to get this job done right. each cranny in your vehicle is a great place for dirt, little pebbles, hair, leftover french fries, and other debris to hide. scratches, stains, and even the color of the upholstery or leather can be restored, but to truly make your car look like new again, and to increase the value, a professional has the tools you need to make it happen.

clean up the outside

a simple car wash is nice, but even the best automatic car wash will miss spots that a potential buyer could use as an excuse to not purchase the vehicle. take your car to a manual car washing station to thoroughly clean both bumpers, the tire wheels, and around the side mirrors. be sure to also dry the car thoroughly so you can see any areas that may need some extra touch up.

keep maintenance record

oil changes and when the battery or tires were replaced are some of the most important vehicle maintenance records you can keep. you’ll also want to keep any information about the health of the engine, any major part replacements, and if you were in an accident, any body repairs that were done. this will show potential buyers that the vehicle is in top shape and the parts can be trusted. just try your best to drive safely and to avoid any accidents.

work with the team at fibrenew

the next owner of the vehicle will obviously spend the most time inside the vehicle, so put the most attention there. it may not seem like it, but it doesn’t take long for the color to be affected by dirt or pets, for scratches to occur, or even holes to develop in the upholstery. car upholstery repair is one of the best ways you can make your car look like new, and sell it for the most.

the technicians at fibrenew in denver have years of experience and we have the results to prove that we can help you increase the value of your car. we can refurbish damaged leather, vinyl, plastic, or upholstery in your car, truck van, motor home, camper, motorcycle, or rv. just because you have put a few years or even a hundred thousand miles on your car, doesn’t mean that it can’t look as good as possible. whatever material is inside your car, we’ll tackle it with the knowledge and the equipment it takes to make it look great.

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