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How to fix water damaged leather car seats

Posted: Jul 1, 2011Category: Cars, boats and planes, Common Leather Problems, DIY, Leather Advice From the Pros

Massage water damaged leather in car seats to fix them We’ve all done it—left our car windows open or our tops down in the rain. Good news is - a little bit of water, if cleaned up quickly, isn’t likely to hurt your leather. In fact, most car leather has a protective layer that will help prevent immediate damage.  This coating is designed to give you enough time to clean up a small drink spill before it soaks into your leather.  So, if you ... [read more...]

How to fix and prevent water damage to leather furniture upholstery

Posted: Mar 31, 2011Category: Common Leather Problems, DIY, General, Leather Advice From the Pros

Water damage due to spills is not, typically, a major cause for concern with leather.  A little water won’t hurt leather at all, and most leather products have a protective layer that gives you enough time to clean up water spills before leather soaks it up.  When spills and small amounts of water do damage leather, it usually just makes the leather stiff. (Think about leather work gloves that... [read more...]