(Podcast) Fibrenew & COVID-19 with CEO, Michael Wilson

On this special edition podcast with our CEO, Michael Wilson, we get a glimpse into the overall psyche and general philosophy of our operations through this period of COVID-19.

To-date, Fibrenew franchisees have respected local state and provincial guidelines. They have also responded to being deemed an essential service in the automotive and medical spaces in particular. Our franchisees have had to strike a balance between their personal comfort level, the needs of their customers, and local restrictions and guidelines. There hasn’t been a one size fits all prescription to this, but our Franchise Partners have been remarkable in their overall response.

Here at the head office level, we have maintained business as usual as best we can albeit under a different scope. Now more than ever, we continue to support our franchisees, we continue to train new franchisees, we continue to produce and ship product, we continue the R & D of new products, we continue our marketing efforts and much more. If anything we’ve put the pedal to the metal in order to get through this period – and get through it we will.

Michael’s eternal optimism, his wisdom, and business acumen all contribute to the driving force behind our stance. That, with an amazing team of staff members and like-minded franchise partners, is really what’s putting Fibrenew in a solid position through this precarious period.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or send us a note at info@fibrenew.com.

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5 Stars
“I had Peter & Patricia come and clean my cream coloured loveseat that had gotten stained from dye transfer.  It was very bad so they had to strip the dye and re-dye. They matched the colour perfectly. You could not tell where they had dyed it. I was very happy with their friendly and professional service.”
- Donna - BC


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