Baby Wipes: Silent Killer of Leather

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When caring for your leather products, it can be very tempting to use common household cleaning products. Lots of people gravitate towards products they already have around the house, like baby wipes or other types of cleaning wipes. While these seem like an excellent way to keep your leather looking clean, they are actually terrible for leather. Products like baby wipes contain chemicals t... [read more...]

The amazing variations of leather

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Leather is a material we see all the time; on furniture, in clothing stores and even on accessories. When it comes to accessorizing with leather, there are a ton of great options for everyone out there. Here are some great ways we have seen leather used recently. The leather jacket: Since the days of James Dean and beyond, the leather jacket has become a fashion staple. Whether it is in tradi... [read more...]

Give Yourself the Gift of Leather

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Are you thinking about replacing your furniture as a holiday gift to yourself this year? Here’s why you should make it leather: Durability. Leather furniture often comes with a higher price tag than other types of furniture such as cloth. Consider the increase in price as an investment. Leather is stronger and more resistant to tears and stains. Which means it will last longer and cost you le... [read more...]

Leather Repair in Time for the Holidays

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The holiday season has arrived and this year it’s your turn to host the family. You got all the groceries to make your signature meal, cleaned the carpets, and got the sleeping arrangements all figured out. But what about that old leather couch? You know the one your dog got his claws into or the little ones spilled their milk on. No matter how dazzling you get the rest of the house with your fe... [read more...]

Caring for your boat vinyl through the winter months

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Though winter is just getting ramped up, don't forget about that beautiful vinyl in your boat.  Before the waves start slapping against the sides of the boat, there are a few tips to caring for the vinyl in boats that if followed now as the vessel is prepared for the season, and then during the season, will prevent plenty of headaches and expensive repairs in the future. A few little-known fac... [read more...]

Treasure Hunting for Old Leather Furniture on Ebay

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Sometimes furniture is way beyond repair. Either that or the repairs will cost more than the furniture is for. Instead, you may decide to go treasure hunting for old leather furniture rather than having it professionally restored. If you have never used Ebay before, you are in for a treat. The website has numerous options where you can search for an item that you are looking for and then either... [read more...]

How to Keep “The Chair” in the House Longer

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For general cleaning and preservation of leather, you need to use a good quality water-based leather cleaner. You should NEVER use anything containing oils, waxes or silicone. (Most 'conditioners' contain waxes or oils and furniture polish contains silicone) . DO NOT use mink oil. A bottle of good quality leather cleaner should do your furniture 1-2 times. Baby wipes are the worst thing you can... [read more...]

Automotive Upholstery Restoration

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If you have problems with the interior of your car, whether it be cloth, vinyl or leather, such as a rip in the seat, a stain or even a cigarette burn, it may drive you crazy enough to go ahead and look into restoring the upholstery. It isn't something that insurance will cover because it is cosmetic but it will make you feel better about the appearance of your vehicle. Another common reason p... [read more...]

Common Misconceptions: How Much Damage is Too Much Damage to Repair on Furniture?

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We've all had furniture we “just loved” until the dog peed on it or the cat scratch her lovely claws down the upholstery or little Johnny spilled his grape juice all over the cushion. When does the damage from every day life mean it's time to splurge on new furniture? Is it when the movers knock a leg or two off or when little Maggie cuts a hole in the back with her new scissor skills? Is all ... [read more...]

Leathery Lies: Top 5 Myths about Leather Repair

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You have tried your best keep your leather furniture safe, but accidents have damaged it. Well, it is normal for leather furniture to get destroyed as occasional scuffs, small tears and spills are bound to happen. However, there is no need to worry as leather can be repaired and restored to its original beauty easily. There are many myths about leather repair, so when you are looking to fix you... [read more...]