• Residential

    Residential Furniture Repair Service

    Restoration of leather furniture, sofas, couches, chairs, love seats, lounges, chaises, footrests and more.
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  • Automotive

    Automotive Interior Restoration

    Repair of leather vehicle seats, plastic door panels, vinyl armrests, steering wheels and more.
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  • Medical

    Medical Furniture Restoration

    Refurbishing of vinyl-covered examination tables, chairs and waiting room furniture and more.
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  • Commercial

    Commercial Furniture Repair

    Rejuvenation of restaurant booth seating, leather office furniture, fitness center equipment and more.
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  • Marine

    Marine Interior Restoration

    Restoring of seating, benches and plastic molding in boats, yachts, personal watercraft and more.
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  • Aviation

    Aviation Interior Maintenance

    Renewal of airplane and helicopter aircraft seating, plastic and vinyl molding and more.
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  • RV Interior Restoration

    RV Interior Restoration

    Repair to furniture in motorhomes and camping trailers, lino vinyl floor repair, plastic RV parts and much more.
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  • Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Siding & PVC Window Casing Repair

    We fix holes from hail storm damage, golf balls, satellite dish mounts, construction mishaps and more.
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  • Light Upholstery

    Light Upholstery Furniture Repair

    Split seam repair, button replacement, chair mechanism replacement and more.
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  • Leather Cleaning & Protecting

    Leather Cleaning & Protecting

    Leather furniture cleaning, vehicle interior refurbishing, aircraft interior, restaurant seating maintenance and more.
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5 Stars
“For the record, I usually give 2-star and 4-star ratings for things. I try to reserve the 1-star and 5-stars for reviews that truly deserve them. Very well-done, Stephen.

My wife and I (military) purchased a wonderful living room set of leather furniture in Charleroi, back when we were stationed in Belgium. 19 years, 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 7 moves later... what once was easily the nicest furniture in the house, was looking pretty poor, and had us wondering if we should replace it.

In hopes it might still be salvageable, I gave Fibrenew a call and started discussing options with Stephen. I had my doubts... I'm not used to high-traffic items lasting longer than 10-15 years (if that). On hearing what the furniture was and looking at some photos, Stephen assured me it could be restored to new condition. We made plans for pickup and gave him a chance to show what he could do.

These pieces (Couch and two one-seaters) are quite heavy, and constructed with a lot of Ardennes-region solid wood. The couch takes up a very deep footprint, and the one-seaters are nearly the size of typical American love seats once you account for all of the padding and woodwork. Decorative leather side-panels surround them (they're designed to be seen from all sides), and there are a ton of leather trim elements. Stephen definitely had his work cut out for him.

It took some time, and coordinating delivery was a challenge (particularly due to the ice storm), but when the furniture was returned, I was stunned. The leather was impeccably cleaned and restored. Not surprisingly, there is one spot from 17 years ago where our cat had made a deep cut on the arm... treated and sealed very nicely, though you can still tell it is there... but cat's fault, not Stephen's.

I was most surprised by the condition of the front edges of the seat cushions. 19 years left a LOT of wear on them, and I had feared the leather was degraded beyond repair. You can't even tell where the wear patterns were. Amazing job!

If you're contemplating cherished pieces of your own...

1) Color-scheme of the leather was unchanged... restored completely to its original appearance.

2) Wood was completely intact and in original condition. Nothing was broken, chipped, or weakened that I could notice. I assume Stephen's primary focus/expertise is the leather, but I asked him to go over the framework and check/tighten any structural elements that looked in need of attention, which he did.

3) Stephen was very polite, prompt, and thorough communicating with us. He answered all of our questions skillfully, and accurately projected when the job would be finished.

4) The character of the furniture remained what we had fallen in love with 19 years ago. Stephen delivered as promised, and the living room set is once again the best furniture in the house. Thank you so much!”
- brass doubler


Eco FriendlyEach year, tons and tons of damaged couches and chairs end up in landfills. Feel good about making a choice to refurbish your damaged furniture and other leather, plastic, and vinyl items instead of replacing them. Restoration is a much more economical and sustainable option in which Fibrenew can help.


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We are completely mobile and can come to your home or business to repair, restore and renew damaged leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery. Whether it’s your couch, your car seat, your favorite leather chair, restaurant seating, RV interior, medical equipment furniture, boat seats or vinyl siding and windows, we’re here to help! Call us for a quote at 502.744.0082 or submit a request here, thanks!

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