Fibrenew App Support for iPad and iPhone

Thank you for downloading the Fibrenew App from the App Store. We hope you enjoy it and welcome any comments on your experience with it.

This page provides information on installing and using the App. We’re eager to help you if you are having any difficulties with the App.

Problems Purchasing or Downloading Apps
If you are having problems purchasing or downloading an app, you need to get help from Apple support.

Problems using the App – Common Questions:

The App is stuck or frozen, what should I do?
Step 1
Double-click the “Home” button. A list of apps you’ve opened since the iPad has been turned on appears along the bottom of the screen.

Step 2
Touch one of the apps in the list and move your finger to the left to view more apps that are currently running. This is a list of apps running in the background on your iPad.

Step 3
Touch and hold the icon of the Fibrenew app in this list.

Step 4
Release the app icon when it starts to wiggle and then tap the red “-” button in the upper-left corner of the app to completely close the app.

Step 5
Press the “Home” button to lock the rest of the icons in place and close the list of recently used applications.

Sections of the Tech Library won’t load, it just ‘spins and spins’

This happened in certain earlier versions of the App. The best thing to do is upadte the App to the latest version.

I can’t hear the audio in the video clips

Ensure that the volume it turned u pon the device. If it is and you still can’t hear the audio, it’s best to restart your device and try again.

When I launch the App I see a message that I’m not connected to the internet and to check my connection

The Fibrenew App requires a persistent internet connection. You must be connected to the internet either via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G. If you see this message please check your connection settings within the Settings app of your device.

My question was not answered here

If you encountered an error or issue that was not addressed on this page, please tell us about it, we’ll be happy to help out.

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