Fibrenew Foothills: Eric Moss

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I've lived in the upstate of South Carolina the vast majority of my life and I truly love it here!  Having grown up in the upstate my wife, Sheryl, and I are Clemson graduates and we truly love the combination of rural and urban settings, closeness to the mountains, and of course the beautiful lakes in the area. After a successful career as an engineer, I still felt that something was missing. One day is came to me; I learned that my passion for working with my hands, repairing almost anything that is damaged, and meeting new people could be satisfied with a business like Fibrenew.  

We have a large local family circle, as well as some in North Carlolina, Virginia, and Florida.  Most holidays you will find us enjoying time on the water with some, if not all, of our 14 grandchildren!  We are truly blessed!

We are also fortunate to be associated with the wonderful Fibrenew family.  Fibrenew is all about family, customer service, serving the community, and protecting the envioronment.  Thank you in advance for trusting me with your furniture, automobile, or whatever you might need a little help repairing.

Eric Moss


Eco FriendlyOur restoration services save our customers both time and money by offering an alternative to replacing their damaged couches and chairs, car and marine components, commercial furniture and more. Our on-site services also make it more convenient and faster in getting their items back into great looking and working shape again. As an added benefit, we help prevent thousands of items from ending up in landfills each year which helps preserve Mother Nature and reduce our carbon footprint.


Fibrenew specializes in the repair, restoration, and renewal of leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery. We manufacture a highly-specialized proprietary product line and have pioneered the repair techniques and exclusive color matching technology that we use every day to help our clients. Whether it's damaged leather furniture, car interior components, restaurant or medical vinyl, boat or plane interiors or vinyl siding and plastic window frames, we're here to help!

Fibrenew Foothills is proud to provide mobile service for leather repair, plastic, vinyl, fabric and upholstery restoration in and around the following areas:

  • Anderson, SC
    Cateechee, SC
    Centerville, SC
    Central, SC
    Clemson, SC
    Fair Play, SC
    Homeland Park, SC
    Keowee Falls, SC
    Keowee Key, SC
    Keowee Springs, SC
    Keowee Vinyards, SC
    La France, SC
    Liberty, SC
  • Long Creek, SC
    Madison, SC
    Mountain Rest, SC
    Norris, SC
    Northlake, SC
    Oakway, SC
    Pelzer, SC
    Pendleton, SC
    Pickens, SC
    Piedmont, SC
    Powdersville, SC (portion of)
    Pumpkintown, SC
    Rocky Bottom, SC
  • Salem, SC
    Seneca, SC
    Six Mile, SC
    Sunset, SC
    Tamassee, SC
    The Reserve at Lake Keowee, SC
    Townville, SC
    Walhalla, SC
    West Union, SC
    Westminster, SC
    Williamston, SC

  • 29621
  • 29624
  • 29625
  • 29626
  • 29630
  • 29631
  • 29634
  • 29643
  • 29657
  • 29658
  • 29664
  • 29667
  • 29669
  • 29670
  • 29671
  • 29672
  • 29673
  • 29676
  • 29678
  • 29682
  • 29685
  • 29686
  • 29689
  • 29691
  • 29693
  • 29696
  • 29697


5 Stars
“I just had my twenty-year old leather couch repaired and refurbished by Fibrenew. I am so pleased with the job the Technician did, it was very timely and professional. I expect that the couch will last for another 20 years; it looks brand new! Thanks to the Technician and his Assistant, they did an excellent job!”
- Kathy Hunt

Fibrenew Foothills: Eric Moss

Mobile restoration service to your home or business! Three ways to receive a repair estimate: