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Fibrenew Upstate
Rick and Lynn Halpin

Yes, we can re-dye leather jackets!

Posted: Nov 9, 2010

The month of November seems to be a ‘turning’ point, of sorts.  The leaves turn colors and then quickly turn loose, we turn the clocks back and then turn the heat on.   And as the season progresses, we turn, or rotate, the clothing in our closets.  How many of us start organizing the pile that’s to be discarded or donated, only to pull our favorites back out of the stack later?  Yes, it’s hard to turn down the chance to wear those special and many times irreplaceable and / or expensive garments.

I met a businessman recently that asked if we, at Fibrenew Upstate, could re-dye his black leather jacket.  It seems his wife had told him just the day before that he really needed to get rid of it.   And while he agreed with her that the leather jacket was a bit tired and faded and probably didn’t make a very good impression, he loved this jacket that still fit perfectly.   Yes, I told him, we can re-dye leather jackets! Now, since this jacket was actually kid-glove leather – some of the softest wearable leather around –  I warned him that some of the suppleness may be reduced by the dyeing process.   Luckily, there was only the slightest change to the leather feel which will diminish with wear.  I’m happy to say, we saved him time, as well as aggravation and money, by his not having to shop for a new leather jacket – especially when the one he had was the one he wanted.

So, during this seasonal change that is upon us, we hope you’ll remember that Fibrenew Upstate can turn back the hands of time! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)