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Acura MDX Perforated Leather Seat Replacement and Restoration

Acura MDX Perforated Leather Seat Replacement and Restoration
Perforated leather upholstery seating is the standard in many luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus.  The tiny holes add texture and pattern creating a sportier look in sports cars.  Perforated leather is a 'must have', if the seats have a cooling option, and may speed up the heating process in cars with heated seats.   In extremely warm climates, the air flow / breathability of perforated leather may prove helpful in keeping the seats a bit cooler on hot days.  Some believe it offers a softer, more cushy seat and prefer it to solid leather panels.  Others worry there may be an increased risk of snags and tears.  Fibrenew Upstate stocks a variety of perforated leather patterns for various vehicles.  We remove the seat and replace any necessary leather panels (perforated and / or solid).  We then custom match and re-dye everything back to the original color, apply a final protective top coat finish and re-install the seat for you.  You be the judge of our 'renew' services in the pictured Acura MDX driver's seat restoration.  (Highlight each picture to enlarge.)