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Top 3 Reasons You Should Maintain Your Leather

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old leather briefcase Cleaning your leather products can seem unnecessary when you already have a busy schedule. Who wants to spend time wiping down their sofa when they could be doing something fun? While it’s pretty normal to want to avoid cleaning, there are some important benefits that come from regular leather cleaning. We’ve broken down the top three for you in hopes that it will inspire you to keep cle... [read more...]

Baby Wipes: Silent Killer of Leather

Posted: Apr 12, 2013Category: Cleaning::Franchise, DIY, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros, Residential::Franchise

baby wipes When caring for your leather products, it can be very tempting to use common household cleaning products. Lots of people gravitate towards products they already have around the house, like baby wipes or other types of cleaning wipes. While these seem like an excellent way to keep your leather looking clean, they are actually terrible for leather. Products like baby wipes contain chemicals t... [read more...]

Give Yourself the Gift of Leather

Posted: Dec 10, 2012Category: Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

Are you thinking about replacing your furniture as a holiday gift to yourself this year? Here’s why you should make it leather: Durability. Leather furniture often comes with a higher price tag than other types of furniture such as cloth. Consider the increase in price as an investment. Leather is stronger and more resistant to tears and stains. Which means it will last longer and cost you le... [read more...]

Do not use markers to fill in spots on your leather upholstery

Posted: Oct 10, 2011Category: Common Leather Problems, DIY, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

An example of a spot filled in with a brown marker The business of dying leather is a tricky one, and you really can’t replicate it with any marker.  People come to us all the time asking us to fix problems they’ve created trying to fix a bleached out or discolored spot on their upholstery with a similarly colored marker.  The fact of the matter is that dyed leather usually has many layers and tones, and thinking you can find one marker that... [read more...]

Do not use window cleaner on leather upholstery

Posted: Oct 3, 2011Category: Common Leather Problems, DIY, General, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

Discolored footrest from household cleaner Most people, myself included, think of window cleaner as being one of the mildest of all cleaners.  People consider it to be so mild they could use it on almost anything.  Unfortunately, you really cannot use window cleaner on leather upholstery because almost all of it contains alcohol. Alcohol will damage the surface of your leather, especially breaking down the protective top coat on fully... [read more...]

Don’t use finger nail polish remover to remove marks on leather upholstery

Posted: Sep 26, 2011Category: Common Leather Problems, DIY, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

Fingernail polish remover took the color out of this couch when the owner tried to use it to remove the pen mark. It’s true that finger nail polish will remove marks on leather upholstery, but it also removes the dyes that are supposed to be on the leather, leaving a bleached out spot on your leather’s surface.  Finger nail polish also wears down the top coat on fully-finished leathers, leaving them more susceptible to damage. There are a number of other home remedies and wives’ tales about usin... [read more...]

Do not use disposable cleaning supplies or baby wipes on leather upholstery

Posted: Sep 19, 2011Category: Common Leather Problems, DIY, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

This couch has a slightly discolored mark because the owner used a cleaner with alcohol in it. Disposable cleaning supplies and baby wipes are so handy that people have started using them to clean everything, leather upholstery included.  I urge you not to use them because, though you may not be able to see the damage immediately, these disposable cleaning supplies typically cause damage to the surface of your leather, often leaving them discolored and more susceptible to damage in the lon... [read more...]

Leather furniture cleaning and repair product guide

Posted: Aug 22, 2011Category: Common Leather Problems, DIY, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

Leather cleaner someone bought online When it comes to repairing and caring for leather furniture, there are hundreds of options.  Furniture stores and online retailers offer up products that do everything from cleaning to dying leather.  However, you should proceed with extreme caution when you use these DIY products on your furniture.  I’ve heard and seen the effects of horror stories where these products ruined people’s leat... [read more...]

How to prevent sun damage to leather furniture

Posted: Aug 15, 2011Category: Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

Couch faded by the sun Leather furniture and upholstery will inevitably face some wear and tear throughout its life, and there are many types of damage you can’t avoid. However, sun damage is one problem that can definitely be prevented. Too much sunlight and heat will fade and/or dry out your leather. Faded Leather Fading is commonly seen in semi-aniline and aniline leathers, and it is less common in fully-fini... [read more...]

Fully-finished leather furniture and auto upholstery

Posted: Jun 14, 2011Category: Cars, boats and planes, Home and Office, Leather Advice From the Pros

Fully-Finished Leather Couch There are many types of leather, and leather jargon can be very overwhelming to people trying to figure out what kind of leather they have and want to buy. What makes one type of leather different from another? Leather is often sorted by the type of finish it has.  The three main types of upholstery leather finish are fully-finished, aniline and semi-aniline.  All of these terms are indicative... [read more...]