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Found in an Attic: Firsthand Accounts of World War II Experiences

Posted: Nov 10, 2015Category: Franchisee Stories

Ken Gorrell of Fibrenew Lakes Region, grew up in an old New England farmhouse that has been in his family for generations. As a child, he would spend hours combing through the attic in search of lost treasures, convinced that there had to be an old coin, a map or other valuable trinkets waiting to be found. What he ended up discovering was an original manuscript of his grandfather's cousin and ... [read more...]

Rocket Scientist Turned Franchisee

Posted: Apr 4, 2014Category: Franchisee Stories

Fibrenew franchisees come from many walks of life. Past careers titles include everything from bankers, teachers, corporate managers, salespeople, engineers, software developers, manufacturing specialists, accountants, tradespeople and.......rocket scientists, yes! Check out Making Money magazine's feature article on Alex Baker of Fibrenew Marin-Sonoma and his background as an aerospace engineer b... [read more...]